Activism and Social Networking: Advocating for Online Privacy panel

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Harry Waisbren

Jun 9, 2010, 9:15:59 PM6/9/10
to, senatorobama-pleasevoteagainstfisa

I have to admit, I’m more than a little excited for the Computers Freedom and Privacy conference starting next week!

Much more to come about specifically how Get FISA Right will be involved, but for the moment, I’d like to involve our community on a particularly pressing matter, namely, the presentation I will be giving during the Activism and Social Networking panel on Tuesday.

I spoke with Jon (who is co-chairing the conference) the other day, and we have come up with some broad strokes for how it will work, but there are many details that we would love your help filling in.

We decided to conduct our portion in a back and forth exchange with Shahid Buttar of the BORDC , as we will utilize a joint power point presentation to lay out our past successes, and then bridge back to where we are going together—especially how we are combining on the ground and online efforts as part of the local model legislation initiatives effort they are leading.

Where I could most use help is discerning the specifics of both what I’ll be talking about and what will show up in the slides (which will be available in real time if you care to watch).

Assuredly, we’ll be focusing on the original group gaining a large following, and how we collaborated to create an open letter, leading to our mainstream media coverage coverage and Obama’s unprecedented response to the group. We will quickly discuss our recent efforts, as well as our trials and tribulations, and we can describe how we have dealt with communications challenges by employing a meeting-centric strategy  (catalogued extensively through transcript-style notes) to keep the group together enough to lead similar efforts in the future. This is a point of pride, although we may not spend too much time on it, as there are no other current groups that can take the lead in doing what we do, and we all should be proud that we have maintained this capacity!

Yet, it is precisely this capacity that is such a key point of conversation, as we’ll be utilizing our credibility to make recommendations for where we go from here. In particular, we will go over the social media toolkit we are building to complement BORDC’s on the ground efforts, and we’ll have many more details on this (especially how you can help construct it) soon enough.

Get FISA Right by its nature is a collaborative enterprise, so please, let us know what you think—both about the broad strokes as well as the specifics. Let’s make sure this will be a panel to remember!

Harry Waisbren

Community Manager for Qworky

Get FISA Right organizer
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