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Nov 12, 2006, 1:23:58 PM11/12/06
to Geograph-API-Users
I would really like to create a personalized check-sheet.

This is how I think I would like it to work. Obviously like a regular
check-sheet in layout but with the following differences.

I want to highlight squares where I have contributed. I am thinking in
place of the X (which would still be used for squares that have nothing
to do with me) I would like an F if I have contributed the First
Geograph, a G if a Geograph and S if a supplemental. Have not decided
whether I would put all 3 (eg FGS, GS, FS, etc) or just the highest
value (obviously in F/G/S sequence). Also not decided yet if I will
include numbers in each category.

Anyone think this might get re-used? Once I have done it, anyone
should be able to sub in their own id number.



Nov 13, 2006, 5:22:44 AM11/13/06
to Geograph-API-Users
This is POSSIBLE in geograph now, there had been a couple of issues
from it been announced as released feature, but it should work.

Any logged in user can visit:

where now the map system is in 'personal' mode, once you get to
checksheets they will be personalised :)

In fact when viewing a checksheet, it should be possible to add &mine=1
to turn it into a personalised map.

I don't think its possible to get personalised maps for other users,
unless they choose to share their link (which has their user_id encoded
inside the link)


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