Faster GeoFeeds! (and total count useful?)

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Oct 1, 2008, 12:03:14 PM10/1/08
to Geograph-API-Users
We have just changed the 'radius' used on the syndicator interface
from 30km to 10km.

In reality it's unlikely to make much difference to the results - or
at least the first page - which is what is mostly downloaded, as most
areas have well over 15 photos within 10km.

This is so that that these feeds are can be powered by a new search
index, so should run orders of magnitude (yes really!) quicker. It has
been powering the main site search for a number of weeks now.

A side effect of this is the 'Dist'ance returned in the description
is now more accurate - reporting the distance to the photo subject
location rather than just the gridsquare of the photo. However its
still from the center of the center gridsquare. (however soon it will
use the more exact point eg from lat/long coordinates). If you dont
need this detail it can simply be rounded.

Its rather short (even belated) notice, but hopefully this change
should help everyone far more than hinders.



And now a question, this new index allows us to get a 'total matches'
count right off the bat (ie supplied anyway) so its trivial to add it
to the feed output.

Any suggestions on where to include this? Should it just be added to
the description - or somehow intergrated as seperate xml tags?

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