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Carl Cross

Sep 8, 2010, 10:35:37 AM9/8/10
to Graphic Novels in Libraries UK
**Posted on behalf of Brenda Henderson, see below**

Annoyingly, my access to both this and the graphic novels in libraries
group has been blocked with the county excessive filtering, classing
it as a 'forum'. I despair! SO...I'm sending a mail in the hope that
it could be passed on!

I desperately wanted to post a request for recommended manga series
for our school library (year 9 to sixth form) and any thoughts anyone
might have on running a manga club.

The series we have so far are:

Bleach (almost to date)
FMA (up to 15)
Death Note (all)
Naruto (up to about 19)
Shaman King (first 5)
School Rumble (first 8)
Imadoki (first 5)
Fruits Basket (first 6)
Lone Wolf and Cub (first 3 - for a kind of 'historical value'!) Love
Hina (2) Pita Ten (first 7) Vampire Knight (first 6) Dragon Ball
(first 5)

I feel we are a bit heavy on the ones that appeal to girls, and would
like any recommendations for more action/boy type series in

I'm starting the manga club in a week, and plan to do sessions on
various aspects, including Japanese culture, food, fashion, customs,
that sort of thing and also work on drawing manga and writing our own,
possibly. I have a core group who are interested and pestering me
already! Anyone out there who's already run a similar group, any
advice or suggestions would be very welcome!

Brenda Henderson (Trinity High School)

PS: I get the comments and updates via email, just can't log into the

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Sep 8, 2010, 3:19:24 PM9/8/10
to Graphic Novels in Libraries UK
Hi Carl,

Looks like a good selection you've got there.

I'd suggest adding...

One Piece
Cromartie High School
Sgt Frog
Chibi Vampire
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Soul Eater

One Piece performs very well at our libraries and the others aren't in
libraries (yet) but are popular with my 11 year-old sons.

They've also told me to suggest REAL, about wheelchair basketball.
They say it's great.

And, apparently, Happy Happy Clover is great for younger kids.

Vagabond... great. (Sorry, they're sitting next to me dictating stuff
as I edit this post...)

Full Metal Alchemist and Hayate the Combat Butler.

(Finished, guys? Yes.)

Historical items Akira and Barefoot Gen still perform well, too.

Berserk issues well but is pretty hardcore, involving gore and rape.

Good thread. I'm always being asked for manga recommendations.

Mel and David Gibson

Sep 8, 2010, 3:52:16 PM9/8/10
I would second Real and Vagabond. Good creator...

Plus, I love Cromartie High School (anime too). Keen on Cowa! for
younger readers as well.

I have some older reader, well, actually, adult, suggestions, too,
should they prove useful...

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