2 Bugs: GTalk Mem Consumption inside GMail and Send As Displayed As Spam by ISP's

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Sep 12, 2008, 7:40:02 PM9/12/08
to GMusers- GMail Beta & Beyond, rotter...@gmail.com
Hi Google!:)

The GTalk Client inside the GMail HTTP and/or HTTPS page has become
unwieldy. For some reason only the Google engineers would know, when I
have GTalk set to "on" inside the GMail page, it spikes RAM massively
and actually makes the GMail page hang and take forever to reset or
close out of. Friends, family, colleagues were experiencing the same
problem. So, we chickened out and solved it the obvious way - we
turned GTalk off inside the GMail page, but left the independent GTalk
Client on on our desktops. But that defeats the utility of the
original concept of sticking Talk on the Mail page - an idea which was
brilliant in theory. I see this as a fairly serious bug - Windows
VISTA PREMIUM 64-bit 4GB RAM running FF, IE and Opera all with same
details. For me, Opera's a bit more sophisticated and works best on
this but still shows this bug - FF and IE hang forever while RAM zooms

Earthlink. When I use "Send As" my Earthlink address to an Earthlink
address, it's received as Spam. Then Earthlink sent a circular memo
this week apologizing for someone appearing to be "spamming your
account" but it's just a glitch and not to worry no one's stolen your
email account. hmm...

Something? Anything?


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