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Craig Harding

Jul 6, 2009, 1:57:24 PM7/6/09
I would also like this shortcut. Right now I just hit Alt-G then enter (Since 'Add/Edit Bookmark' is highlighted) as my 'shortcut' to add a bookmark.

I think a wiki of some sort is a great idea also. I can definitely help in the start of this if here ( is the best area for this type of explanation.


On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 1:52 PM, LittleLoveCoach <> wrote:

Okay this group has way too many coders in it! Hahaha... :-D

I only need the shortcut key for adding a new bookmark. Nothing fancy.
Just one key stroke (any keystroke), so that I can say "Add Bookmark"
while typing, hit enter to save, and move on.

John, you should make a specific webpage for your "shortcut keys
list." I'm sure that's been googled quite a bit since the popularity
of this feature is rising. I googled 6 variations of "shortcut key,
hot key, quick key" and couldn't find anything useful!

Great product! Congrats!!!


John Marshall

Jul 6, 2009, 7:13:45 PM7/6/09
I don't disagree that the documentation sucks. Right now the only shortcut is ctrl+d and only if the option (which should be on by default) to replace the Firefox ctrl+d shortcut is on. There should probably be another shortcut (but there aren't that many good ones available). I'm thinking of the best way to fix the add bookmark issues (the fact that there aren't many good ways). I want to integrate it better with how general firefox bookmarks are added, but its more tricky because the firefox bookmark star is just one object and its kind of hard to associate it with two systems without making things more confusing.

John Marshall

Jul 6, 2009, 9:15:29 PM7/6/09
Yea I'm thinking of writing a new extension to sync all or some of your Firefox bookmarks to Google Bookmarks. I think that would be the best bet. Then maybe write some individual extensions for the other features of GMarks. GMarks was definitely more useful in FF 1.5 and FF 2 when the bookmarking system absolutely sucked.

Of course I have been wanting to do this for around a year so we'll see.

On Jul 6, 2009, at 8:51 PM, Mark Berry wrote:

Okay, thanks for the reply John. The Firefox star would work perfectly if you could somehow add a one-directional sync from the Firefox bookmarks to the Google bookmarks. You could do a one-directional add from Firefox to GMarks, that simply checked for all the Firefox urls in the Google Bookmarks directory, and pushed over any urls that were new.

Best of Luck, and thanks for the answer!!

PS. I don't know if replying to Google Groups thread via email works, but let's give it a shot! Give me my Google Wave!!!

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