AutoCAD 2008/2009 Navigation Bonus Tool Available

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Sep 8, 2008, 10:17:02 AM9/8/08
to Gateway Autodesk Users Group

From site:

"Navigation Bonus Tool for AutoCAD

This bonus tool provides back and forward display navigation within
AutoCAD. The behavior is similar to back and forward navigation within
your web browser. It basically tracks what you're looking at in
AutoCAD. Any time you want to go back to something you were looking at
previously, just hit the back button. Similarly, click the forward
button to navigate forward again. The following items are tracked and
added to the history while you work:

* Active drawing switch
* Layout switch
* View changes such as zoom, pan ...etc
* Active viewport switch
* Viewport maximize/minimize

Ways of accessing this functionality:

* Toolbar: Note back/forward arrows in the upper left corner of
the AutoCAD window
* Mouse: If your mouse has buttons that allow forward and backward
navigation in your web browser, they can be used for this purpose in
AutoCAD as well.
* Keyboard shortcut: [ALT]+[LEFTARROW] and [ALT]+[RIGHTARROW]

Just unzip the files to your AutoCAD folder and load the ARX file:
AcBackForward.arx. It will perform short self-install and then you’ll
need to restart AutoCAD to begin using it. (For details on how to load
an ARX file, see "APPLOAD" in the AutoCAD help file.)"
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