Thoughts on the AGC BIM Expo?

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Sep 15, 2011, 9:02:28 AM9/15/11
to Gateway Autodesk Users Group
The AGC hosted a BIM Expo at SIUE last week (of course, I found out
about it through the STCCC.).

Pretty good time, I thought. There was an exhibit hall with, I think,
13 software and hardware vendors. Some folks I had used, some folks I
hadn't heard of.
Pretty decent food for a seminar.

I only attended 3 of the 4 sessions I'd intended to, because I'd
gotten caught up talking with a lot of interesting people in the
exhibit hall.

I saw Tad Fry give a talk 'from the owner's perspective' on his
experiences with BIM overall, but, as applied at A-B-InBev (this guy
was just a really engaging speaker, too, expertise notwithstanding,

I missed Jim Scott (GHG), Donovan Olliff (HOK) and John Limbaugh
(Jacobs) discuss legal perspectives surrounding BIM, as I mentioned, I
was in the middle of some great conversations.

Then there were two panel discussions in the afternoon that were quite
good, covering many viewpoints:

BIM in the Real World:
Tad Fry - Owner
Mike Hartmann - Engineer
Kevin Cook - Subcontractor
Brok Howard - Architect
Scott Green - Contractor
Chris Gordon - Educator

Future Trends of BIM:
Jason Steele - Autodesk
Andy Dickey - Tekla
Rob Riley - Bentley
John Rodolico - Graphisoft

I did tweet from the event using the hashtag #BIMExpo , but, of
course, my ancient phone's battery couldn't make it through the end of
the day.

We were out in the middle of nowhere, so there weren't too many people
hanging around chatting afterward.
I've heard they're planning on holding another event next year, and I
asked that it be in a more convenient location to allow for an early
evening mixer, giving more of a chance for folks to network. I really
would have loved to hear more about what people are doing these days
with their technology.

(There was also a lot of talk by various attendees about the draw of
the RTC - )

It was really great to see a lot of folks I hadn't worked with in
awhile, and to reconnect with a few folks from GAUG.

If anyone else attended, feel free to share your thoughts, please! I'd
love to hear about the session I missed.

Also, if you are aware of any events that touch our industry, please
feel free to share them here.
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