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Peter Suparo Bhikku

Jan 27, 2021, 7:28:08 AM1/27/21
to Friends of Thamkrabok Monastery

Hello all,

This is Phra Peter Suparo, from Wat Thamkrabok, just coming on here to let you know that I have just launched a new website. This does not replace the official monastery website, on, please use that for contacting us regarding admissions and for official news and information.

The new site, on gives my personal account of my own journey into this place, and out of drug addiction, back in 2002, and I try to convey, as best I can, the Buddhist ideas and practices that were most crucial for enabling me to do that. In addition to some history and context of the monastery and some of its characters.

I am launching it at this time because I have become keenly aware that many substance abuse problems, as well as other kinds of mental anguish, have been fermenting in the pressure cooker of repeated lockdowns, and at the same time as detox and rehab services have become much harder, if not impossible, to access for many people.

My hope is that sharing some of the experience we have gained over this time may help to alleviate some of the suffering that many people are experiencing, and to provide another point of contact. Please don't hesitate to contact me via the site if there is anything to discuss.

We look forward to welcoming foreign patients back as soon as circumstances allow.

metta, may all beings be free from suffering

Phra Peter Suparo
Wat Thamkrabok

duri duri

Jan 22, 2022, 4:23:38 AMJan 22
Hello phra Peter Suparo Bikku,
I read on 1.feb tourist can enter thailand with 1 day quaranteen.if i want to come to wat tham krabok in lets say eighter 1.may or 1.march (i know in april is tudong and close).what i have to do apply first visa or register in wat tham name is nathalie,from switzerland im 51 yrs old. since 2015 straight on heroin .sniff no inject.i try to reduce.since two yrs i m desperate. Please can you guide me,how to follow the procedere.thanks a lot 

Regards  nathalie 

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Peter Suparo Bhikku

Jan 22, 2022, 1:04:30 PMJan 22
Hello Nathalie,

Sorry to hear that you're in a "desperate" state, although in a way that could be good, if it gives you motivation.

Yes, they're now saying that "test and go" will resume on 1st Feb. I'm giving updates about travel restrictions on my blog, so you could keep checking in there to stay up to speed.

Applying to come to Thamkrabok is quite simple. Just email Mae Chee Kanticha via the Thamkrabok website, or using this address:

There isn't really a pre-registration process, just let her know you would like to come, and get on with making your travel arrangements.

I wish you the best of luck and determination,


duri duri

Jan 23, 2022, 12:16:34 PMJan 23
Hello Phra Peter Suparo,

My handy pop up your e mail this make me feel happy.thanks for your infos.
May i ask you a few questions?
1.Tudong is in April.Is wat tham krabok the entire April close?
Can you tell me the reopen Date?
2.test and go 1 day quaranteen.
Did any western foreigner make it with this circumstances to arrive in the wat.If yes ,how they manage the 1 quaranteen day/night?Do they had a permisson from Thai embassy to carry methadone or morphin for 1 or 2 days to pass Borderpatrol and enter Thailand.
Do you have a advise or idea  how to manage that.
I think a lot about this and i dont know how to make that 1 day/night quaranteen?

Phra Peter Suparo, i ask you a lot of questions ,i hope its ok for you.
sorry for my english hopefully its understandable. 
Thanks for your time.

Regards from switzerland

Peter Suparo Bhikku

Jan 23, 2022, 3:18:45 PMJan 23
Hello Nathalie,

What a shame I didn't realise you were in Switzerland. Two Swiss friends of mine who work in Bangkok have just come back from visiting home, I could have put you in touch, since they are both familiar with Thamkrabok. Your questions:

1) It's hard to say. It is usually a whole month, but may be shorter, or may even not happen. Depends on what now happens with Covid - Thailand is very far behind western countries on vaccination and controlling the spread of the virus, but so far it isn't too bad. Last year we did a shorter tudong.
2) A few western patients have come through either the 1-night test & go, or the Phuket sandbox. I don't think any of them entered the country carrying anything. But I believe it is possible to if you have the drugs on prescription, if you make an application to travel with necessary medications. I suggest you contact the Thai embassy.

However - from my experience with methadone, it is a longer and perhaps harder detox than more organic opiates. All the synthetic drugs are, in fact. You would probably have an easier time if you used only morphine or heroin for at least a couple of weeks before you go cold-turkey.

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duri duri

Jan 25, 2022, 2:00:26 AMJan 25
Hello Phra Peter Suparo ,

Oh yes ,such a pity with your swiss friends.would be great if i had heard about these experiences.

I dont take methadone, morphine or any other drugs
Since 2015 i 'm in a heroinprogram.And i smoke cigarettes.
In the past email i ask you about methadone/ morphine. The idea was for bridging the quaranteen day.

I m afraid the  withdrawl sympthomes hits me soon afther im leaving the plane.
Have a nice day ,regards 

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