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Lavinia Lang

Nov 9, 2014, 9:43:06 AM11/9/14
I was planning to go to the monastery at the beginning of next year to detox as I will be down to 12 mls meth but I have been put off by the information on the wicked nun at Thamkrabok

Renzo Taylor

Jan 8, 2015, 1:50:32 PM1/8/15
Hi there. I read your post with interest and would like to give you some advice based on my own history and experience.
I went to detox at Wat Thamkrabok in June 2014 from methadone and benzos. I had quickly reduced down to 20mg day meth in the UK when I decided to go there. I had also lived in Thailand prior for 13 years and had known about Thamkrabok for years but never had the courage to go there and/or was never desperate enough.
It is a one time deal as you can never go back again for a detox. When I was there it was the hardest experience and everyday I wanted to leave. As soon as I left I really appreciated my time there and wanted to go back and stay for longer.
It is tge most effective detox you will ever do so be honest with yourself and if you are truly sick and tired of your situation and life on drugs and medication then take the plunge and go for it but please stay there for the full duration as you will never forget the experience for the rest of your life. It is the last chance detox for many who have already been in western detox clinics.
Don't let any rumours put you off. It is space and austere and tough but it is also a fantastic and wonderful part of your journey and battle against addiction.
For me it served an extremely valuable purpose of purging my body and rapidly cleaning me up physically as well as starting me off on my path to a spiritually happy life as it opened my eyes to the truth about myself. This then led me on my route to recovery through the doors of my first NA and AA meeting where I have been working a spiritual program for 6 months back in the UK and the combination of both Thamkrabok and NA have transformed my life where I no longer am uncomfortable in my own skin and now have no more obsession or cravings physically or mentally and can now life each day happy joyous and free. Amen
Best wishes with your own recovery journey and rest of your life !!! ;)
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