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This 'Group' is open to any interested persons, but particularly to those considering or having taken detox treatment at Thamkrabok Monastery, Thailand.  The intention is to provide support before, during and after treatment.

If you've been to Thamkrabok you will appreciate how unique this special place is; addict or not.  It's a bit like the "Hotel California"... it can be Heaven or it can be Hell... the choice is yours!  Those who have completed the detox treatment at the Monastery will have had not only a unique but also an unrepeatable experience!

One of the reasons for this group is to allow you to share your own individual experiences of Thamkrabok (for better or for worse) with others who have taken - or are thinking about taking - the Sajja and the 'medicine'.  Hopefully, we can support our own and each other's ongoing abstinence. 

If you want you can just write to say "Hello" or to say how you're doing.  Or you can leave a longer message, or ask a question?  It really is up to you.


May your Sajja always be strong.
May your Sajja never be broken.
May your Sajja bring you all the gifts you deserve.


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