The Warning, Garabandal and the Synod

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Deacon John Giglio

Oct 9, 2019, 10:37:10 AM10/9/19
Another great newsletter from my friend Sadie!

"St. Joan of Arc, Pray for Us!"
The Warning, Garabandal and the Synod
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The Warning
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus:
I greet you once again and pray that despite all our trials, you are living with the peace that only Jesus can give.

In this month of October, we will observe the anniversary of the Great Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, and I had originally intended to make primary reference to it. However, as is usual, the Holy Spirit is taking me in another direction.

If we consider all the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her implorations to repent, convert, and pray, or mankind will suffer great tribulation, we can see a common thread that runs through them all.

I myself have not read it, but the people who sent me the information about it I trust very much. It is available through AMAZON.

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Synod? Garabandal? Ilumination of Conscience?

Does the Amazonian Synod have something to do with the prophecy of Garabandal about the Warning?

The year is 1992 and I have returned home from attending a conference where an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is on display for people to offer petitions of prayer requests. As I stood before Her image, interiorly I felt nothing and said so to Her. I did end my prayer request with "How I wish I could feel something." August first of the same year She made sure I would. But that is another story for another time.

Returning to the home life I had at that time, I had a dream that woke me up in the middle of the night incredibly scared. I was on top of a high mountain and in the 360 degree view that I was given, every space was taken by a sheep. Suddenly I began to see some of the sheep fall down and I knew they were dead. I knew they had died by some catastrophic event.

The dream switched, all of a sudden I am in this very long and narrow room with others. Something begins to happen outside and people jump up in a panic and I could "hear" folding chairs slamming to the floor. I then stand up and in a loud commanding voice say, "There is nothing we can do now but pray." I began to lead them in the rosary. I really didn't know how to pray the rosary at that time, nor was I in any prayer group.

Many "things" have happened to me in this journey of mine. But I've come to understand that I was given a preview of the Warning. Since that time, Jesus has told me that the Illumination of Conscience would come at a time of great chaos and confusion. So once again, another story for another time, but the division, hostility and lies have created that chaos and confusion in the world and with the Synod, in the Church.

A heavenly body hurtling out in the blackness of space is shown to me. Then I see earth way off in the distance and lastly, very close to earth. The vision changes and I see a man, drop to his knees, bury his face with his hands and begin to cry inconsolably.

Jesus said that He had just shown me what would happen at the Illumination of Conscience.

Were there warning signs given to me that would precede this? Yes. I was told there would be three days of thunder, thunder with no rain. This thunder would not be a normal would strike fear to those who would hear it.

I know many Catholics do not believe in private revelation and truth be told, no one needs to believe to be Catholic. It is enough with all that we have in the Catholic Church. But just so no one reaches the pearly gates and tries to tell Jesus, "I didn't know", there has been private revelation almost since the beginning of Holy Mother Church pointing to THESE DAYS EXACTLY.

Do you remember your mom warning you if you continued to misbehave she would have to turn the situation over to dad? And once she did it would be out of her hands and we would get a real whipping. Yes? Well that is where we are at now with God. It is out of Her holy hands.

The Blessed Virgin Mary has tried over and over to warn mankind that we would be severely punished. I would like to think we owe it to Her for all the signs She has promised we would see and would precede the trials and chastisements.

I have often wondered how Noah felt at the beginning of his "mission." Because it took 120 years before it happened so much is the mercy God is willing to show humanity. But what were Noah's signs? Thunder? or a line such as "When you see this, know it is time for the flood....." Did Noah ever have the thoughts of doubt? How did he handle the naysayers who told him he was crazy? I wonder...... I guess they thought he was crazy until it started to rain.

Well for 30 years (for me) I have consecrated myself to the Blessed Virgin Mary and prayed in a cenacle of the MMP. I know many of you have done the same, belonging to the many Marian prayer groups under the umbrella of the church.

Father Corapi used to say his Mother wears boots. Combat boots. So She did not raise an army of cowards! No! We will rise to the occasion, whatever is coming. We will not surrender! We will not run away! We will be filled with the power and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and we will be bold! We will absolutely know what to do in whatever circumstance we find ourselves....we will be protected....we will be led. We may become the future martyrs of the Church. I pray to St. Joan of Arc for courage.

Remember Jesus cried as He was entering Jerusalem because He foresaw the sacking and destruction of Jerusalem during the persecution of Titus in 70 A.D. Where did the new Christians of Jerusalem go? It is said that they were given in an "oracle" to go to Pella (Jordan.) And I believe that oracle came through a holy person that the Christians trusted. They believed. They acted. They were saved.

God can and will do more that what has already been written about the many miracles performed in Old and New Testament. You must have THAT faith! And faith is believing in what we cannot see as already being "there."

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The Synod? Garabandal?

I am sure most of the remnant knows of, or has visited, Garabandal, since most of the time I am "talking" to the choir.

I was blessed to make three trips there. It is my most favorite place of pilgrimage. I know every year people kind of get ahead of themselves thinking that they are going in April to witness (maybe?) the Miracle.

But there is an order that must happen first. The Warning. The Miracle. The Chastisement. The Chastisement is conditional on how people reform their lives after the Warning and Miracle.

During my pilgrimage visits there, since I can speak Spanish, I could communicate with the villagers. It is a more simple place of pilgrimage. The original Garabandal, shortly after the apparitions began, was not accessible due to the primitive roads. You can learn all about Garabandal's Story by going to the website.

Conchita, one of the visionaries, was told that a SYNOD would be a pre-warning to the warning. Synod Pre-Warning to the Warning . (The link will take you to the video.) The prophecy is recounted by a nun.

DO NOT BE AFRAID! Our Lord and Lady are true to the Word they have given. The Word of God has all the promises we need to hold in our hearts, if we just read the bible. Now you can even hear it audibly, so there is really no excuse not to know what the bible says.

The Blessed Virgin Mary too, has promised us by the 15 Promises of the Holy Rosary, magnificent promises! And lastly and more importantly, we all have our interior home for Jesus, our hearts. Everyone has a prompting or a thought that won't get out of your head, that is the Holy Spirit is trying to get you to act on. DO NOT BE AFRAID.

There are some in the remnant that will rise as leaders for the laity and also for our priests. Pope Francis says he is not afraid of a schism. Those aligned with him are also ready to propose and implement heretical changes to the church.

But what of the good priests? What of the Holy priests/bishops? The laity are already prepared to receive whomever will be displaced, the laity are prepared to have underground masses. Because the building is not the church. The CHURCH is inside of us....the faith that we know and love...the teachings that come from the Magisterium.

The following is a statement made by Archbishop Fulton Sheen:

“Who’s going to save our Church? It’s not our bishops, it’s not our priests and it is not the religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes and the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that the priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops, and the religious act like religious.”

With that statement I will close my brothers and sisters. Let us continue to go forward, knowing that we are living in the greatest time of history because we will see many things that the world has never seen before. Jesus and Mary are with each and every one of you. In that mystical way we are united with each other no matter where we are. We are united with the Apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary in that upper room in the Cenacle of Jerusalem. We are united with Jesus' sufferings on the Cross and we are united in carrying that Cross up to Calvary where the Church will be crucified and undergo a painful cleansing.

We are fighting and assisting the Blessed Virgin Mary in this battle, together we will usher in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus!

Until next time,
I remain united with you in prayer and suffering,
Love in the Two Hearts,
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