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Sep 21, 2013, 11:25:40 PM9/21/13
Dear Friends,
I hope this gives you some good ideas.
For Land and Life,
John H.W. Hummel
Nelson, B.C.

Dear Gary,

I remember
that when I was a youth, I found a book written by the Youths from the North of Canada (both Native and non-Native), all together!

Their teacher had asked each youth to go to their very own families and gather some of their very own Family stories and write some of those stories down and bring in old Family photos which related to those stories if possible.

Each youth did that and then, each of those students writings became a small chapter of a big book which was later published and so, I got to read some of the histories of those families which form part of the great tapestry of the history of Canada. Even though I never got to live in the North of Canada for very long!

So, as a project for your students here in Nelson, I would suggest a similar project!

It would mean allot to your students and their Families! Even if that book was only self-published in a small quantity.

It would bring the elders and youth closer together, give those youths a sense of who they are, teach them about history, writing, editing etc.!!
Who knows what those Youths will learn from their Elders through their conversations with them?!:)

What do you think of this idea? It wouldn't be hard to do at all!

Another idea I have for you is about visiting neighbors.

In this part of the country, the First people are Kootenai and Tsinixt people. Those people are still here. Close by too!

Why not approach those communities and ask them if some of your students can come and learn more about this particular area of the world they now live in? True local history and about Now too!

Learn about the plants, animals and those unique Sturgeon Nosed Canoes. Learn about your neighbors that nobody even barely really knows yet after 127 years of living as close neighbors!

Your Students live here, many were born here. Perhaps it is time they get to know some local history from before the 1886 silver rush that once happened here! The history of this land here is much deeper than Silver Mining and goes back many thousands of years.

Many of the youth's that live here now, for them, this is the only 'Home Ground' they have ever known. It would be good if they got to know their home and old neighbors a little bit better. That would be good.

I will help you all I can if you want to do such educational things with your students.

For Land and Life,
John H.W. Hummel,
at The Old Stone House,
Nelson, B.C.

P.S. What do you think of these two ideas?

P.S.S. One thing to be really careful and sensitive about is if some of your students are adopted. They must have a sense of pride too from this even if they can't ask relatives about their family histories. This must be kept in mind always. All of our Youths should have a sense of Pride of who they are if this world is to get any better.
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