Something to Think About: Grassy Narrows Protest at the Premier's House in Toronto - It worked out Very well!‏

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Aug 27, 2013, 1:07:11 AM8/27/13
Dear Friends,
I want to congratulate Grassy people, Grassy supporters and David Sone in particular on a very successful Action in Toronto this last Sunday! Good Work you guys!
Three hours ago, I watched some excellent APTN news coverage of the protest in Toronto to support Grassy. APTN – it went Nation Wide eh?! You guys got lots and lots more good media coverage too!
I was worried that no Grassy people were physically there for the protest. I was wrong to worry about that.
Grassy now has trusted allies everywhere. You wouldn’t believe the amount of positive news coverage Grassy got from 100 or so allies protesting on Sunday in Toronto. It was quite Amazing!
Now you also have the support of a Million people from many different organizations supporting you too!
Heck, when myself and the native and non-native people of the Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with Native People (CASNP) used to protest stuff back in the early 1980’s like, what was happening to the people of Lubicon or what was happening to our Brothers and Sisters at Wollaston Lake Saskatchewan from the uranium mining or to the Haida we might get 12 people protesting. If we got one mention in the newspapers, we were very happy. You guys truly amaze me! I think it’s this Internet, makes it way easier to organize.
It’s a new day with this ‘Idle no More’ movement.
Grassy is still leading the way.
In all my years of activism, I have never heard of a successful Action in support of a First Nation where all of the participants in that action were not from that community and most were non-native!
But, You guys Did It! Smile You Amaze Me!
This gives me so much hope for the future! You have no idea.
For so many decades, I fealt that I was kind of like the ‘Lone non-native’ trying to stick up for Grassy, now there are millions of us! This makes me so happy, I don’t even have words to describe it! Smile
Change is coming!
For Land and Life,
Your Old Friend,
John H.W. Hummel
Nelson, B.C.
P.S. These Youths ---- they sure know a thing or two about Organizing! I sure am impressed! Smile
P.S.S. I worry about you guys too much. You guys know what the heck you are doing! In the end, You will win too!
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