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Ashley Gray

Nov 14, 2012, 12:19:29 PM11/14/12
hello friends,
thought I’d take the liberty to share what I saw and learned at the GGNRA event last night. if you were there as well, please contribute what you learned and/or thoughts too.
1. while the party line from every official was that the professional drawings presented for both the Montara fallowed field and Moss Beach Etheldore sites (two options per site) were just “drafts”, it does appear settled that those are the two spots for the visitor trailheads. there are no other options being explored that would exclude them, including Grey Whale Cove.
2. for the Montara site (if my memory serves me correctly): both options were one way loops, one designated road in and one out. loop opens as it moves east, parking, etc towards east side of field. acceleration/deceleration lanes along highway one, north and south on east side of highway. option one had 60 parking spaces, option two 40, with room to expand to 60. parking would be at an angle, nose in. there are also plans for (up to three) horse trailer parking/loading zones. both plans had a bathroom, at least two small picnic sites, trailhead kiosk, signage, bike parking. lots of added shrubage to camouflage and a big open space in middle of loop. both plans use the entire fallowed field with trailhead signage right where all the trails converge at the east end of field. I did gleam that part of their strategy for such a large footprint is that it is always preferable to negotiate down than up. room to press for smaller footprint? less parking?
3. Moss Beach site: one option was a much smaller loop and one was a dead end rectangle parking lot – 20 cars? sorry, but this site did not get my full attention. can anyone else speak to this?
4. it is my understanding that they will not be posting pictures of the drawings on their website, but would have them available at future meetings, specifically an MCC meeting. however, if a significant number of folks committed to a meeting, they would make an effort to send someone with the proposals/maps for more discussion. in the meanwhile, maybe someone has pictures of the drawings to share?
5. timeline? I found it almost impossible to get a definitive answer from anyone. I think I understood that they have funding for initial studies (nice drawings) and are seeking funding for more planning and then construction. construction would be start to finish, not phased. Construction would be summer 2015? anyone else learn anything about this?
there are a number of things to potentially think about and discuss:
a.      how involved our group would like to become on these issues? Christine/GGNRA made it clear they would love to get feedback.
b.      could we reach a consensus position? do we need to reach a consensus position? I have heard from folks who liked the ideas presented last night and from others who are adamantly opposed
c.       developing and pushing for an alternative for one or both sites
d.      footprint/size of development
e.      materials used (paved vs. gravel vs. dirt) for road
f.        the fact that these options keep visitor parking out of neighborhoods
g.      it is a National Park for the public to enjoy and access needs to made available
h.      the impact of the development on the serenity of the view
I propose we let a conversation begin on line and if we get momentum, we rally up for another meeting to discuss in person.

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November 13, 2012
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Open House - San Mateo Parklands
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You are invited to join us for our November Open House event. Come meet park staff and Park Partners to discuss and provide your input on the projects listed below. 
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Rancho Corral de Tierra Trailheads  
GGNRA has been working with the communities of Montara, Moss Beach, and El Granada as well as neighboring land managers to identify future visitor trailhead locations to access the newest addition to the park, Rancho Corral de Tierra. Come share your thoughts on potential trailhead locations and amenities.
Rancho Corral de Tierra Trail Planning  
During a series of meet-and-greet events on the Coastside this year, GGNRA requested feedback and suggestions from neighbors on the future trail network at Rancho Corral de Tierra. You can help shape the future of the trail network at Rancho too by providing your input at this meeting.   
Environmental investigation conducted in 2011 found residues from past operations at the site, including elevated levels of total petroleum hydrocarbons, zinc, and endrin (chlorinated pesticide) in the soil. A draft Removal Action Workplan has been released that proposes excavation of contaminated soils to meet public health standards and replacing it with clean fill. This draft workplan is open for public comment until November 27.
Accessible Trailhead Improvements in Pacifica  
Trailhead improvements are proposed to access GGNRA lands in Pacifica at four locations: Milagra Ridge, Sneath Lane, Shelldance Nursery and Cattle Hill/Fassler Avenue. The conceptual designs were developed to have a consistent NPS design, identity, and include site improvements that focus on accessibility. Come see the latest design concepts and share your feedback.
Several organizations have been working together to efficiently manage our collective public lands on the Peninsula. The group has pooled their resources to create a comprehensive map, visitors guide and website for the "Devil's Slide Coast". This collaboration will help steward public lands and beaches, restore critical habitats, protect unique biological resources, and build on the vital work of existing volunteer groups and local advocates. 
Call for Historic Photos 
Do you have old photographs of the San Mateo Coast near Rancho Corral de Tierra, Mori Point, Mussel Rock or Pedro Point Headlands? Or historic photos from the Phleger Estate, Milagra Ridge or Sweeney Ridge? If so, we'd love for you to share them! Please bring the photographs with you to the Open House and ask for Ranger George Durgerian.
The Watershed on Wheels (WOW) bus is a traveling watershed laboratory, and a mobile extension of the Watershed Discovery Workshops held at Moss Beach Ranch, a Golden Gate National Recreation Area partner located in Rancho Corral de Tierra. This is a hands-on learning experience that encourages students to become responsible land stewards for the protection of our coastline. 
Phleger Estate Gullies Restoration
Several locations within the Phleger Estate have had significant erosion and trail damage over the past few years, which in turn degraded the forest habitat and contributed sediments to an adjacent creek. GGNRA recently initiated a project to restore the forest habitat by removing social trails, eliminating non-native plants, and regrading contours to minimize erosion. Planting will be done this winter to reestablish a redwood vegetation community. Come learn about the restoration process and future plans for the area.
The NPS is working to save the endangered Mission blue butterfly. Butterfly monitoring, invasive plant removal, experimental burn plots, and lupine diversification of park sites are some of the ways the park is working towards this goal. At Milagra Ridge, the NPS in partnership with the Parks Conservancy and the California Garden Clubs Inc. are engaging the community to grow and plant lupines, the host plant for the Mission blue butterfly. Learn how you can be a part of this program.
This September the NPS, the Parks Conservancy, and Oceana High School celebrated 16 years of partnership. Over the years, this long partnership has resulted in an amazing native plant nursery and school garden, a cooking class, and on-going environmental educational field trips to the nearby National Parks. Hear more about this partnership and the  programs offered by this partner to the parks.
This project is a volunteer initiative to protect priceless coastal resources along the San Mateo Coast. The headlands, which are planned to be transferred to GGNRA in the future, have been damaged by years of motorcycle riding. This has disturbed the native plant communities and provided habitat conditions for aggressive invasive plants. Come hear the Volunteer Coordinator discuss some of the recent work that volunteers have done and learn how you can get involved.
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Karen Madsen

Nov 14, 2012, 12:51:56 PM11/14/12
to Farall...@googlegroups.com
Hi Ashley,

Thanks so much for this summary, as I was unable to attend the meeting last night.  I will look forward to hearing from others who attended the meeting.  I also have the sense that there is a lot of mixed reaction to the two sites proposed.  However (and please correct me if I have this wrong), I believe those two sites are ones we put forward as options when we first started this conversation with GGNRA more than a year ago.  I think it is important that we continue to support these options moving forward and to continue to work with GGNRA to shape these options in the ways that best meet the community's needs.  I would support having a meeting to move forward in this way.


richard ward

Nov 14, 2012, 1:46:07 PM11/14/12
to Farall...@googlegroups.com
Ashley - nice summary and Karen - well stated point, with which I agree. We wanted parking out of our neighborhoods and these were presented options. I like the idea of started with less space and expanding if needed. We have no idea how many visitors will really use this space (maybe GGNRA has a feeling some idea?) The less invasive the better? I'm sure there will be opposition to any ideas -trailheads put forth, but would support a meeting. Jeanette Ward
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