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Ashley Gray

Dec 3, 2013, 9:11:12 PM12/3/13
howdy folks,
hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving - we were reflecting on how thankful we are for living is such a spectacular slice of paradise.
I am writing to share a response I received from Christine (GGNRA) in regards to what was presented at the Nov. 19th event held in Pacifica. unfortunately, I could not attend that night, but was interested and emailed her for a short summary.
to provide some more context to her email, the last (dog management plan) meeting I went to in Montara, she had told me that they took a step back and have been engaging with partners (State Parks, the County, CalTrans, etc) to take a bigger picture look at the needs and how they might all work together to provide low impact and efficient service to all of the areas destinations. I also spoke with Superintendent Dean and he confided that they were still looking at the fallowed field option for a destination trailhead/parking in Montara, put were considering making the parking area closer to Hwy 1 instead of on the more eastern end. Etheldore still seems to be the consensus choice for the Moss Beach area entrance to the park.
I'll keep folks posted on any new news I hear and would appreciate the same if you learn something too.
thanks and good night.
I should have the Draft Interim Trail map up online later this week, but it is nothing that you haven't seen already.  It is just our formal process for opening public scoping to confirm that these are the trails we'll maintain for the next few years until the comprehensive Trail Plan has been completed.  The comprehensive plan will include bigger projects like new trails and trailheads; the Interim Plan is basically what is out there now.

We have a little movement on the trailheads -- we initiated a parking demand study with San Mateo County and other stakeholders on the Coastside to get a better sense for how much parking may actually be needed, or where opportunities exist to share parking between destinations. We're meeting next week to finalize the scope for the consultant, so the study should be underway in the new year (finally)! Once that study is complete, we'll proceed with the trailhead concepts again.  We agreed it was best to take a step back and look at the larger picture before tackling the design details.

Ken Hibbits

Dec 4, 2013, 1:25:48 AM12/4/13
to Farall...@googlegroups.com
Thank you for thersummary Ashley - it is greatly appreciated as I could not attend this meeting as well.

Thanks again!



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Ken Hibbits
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