Analysis-Terrorist Attack at Pakistan Naval Air Base [PNS Mehran] Karachi

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May 24, 2011, 3:07:09 PM5/24/11
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The terrorists entered the walled naval base, walked with heavy
weapons for over 2 Kilometers, destroyed two Orion-3 Naval
Surveillance and Anti Submarine Aircrafts each costing US $ 36
Millions, kept the people engaged for 16 hours, while some of
terrorists escaped. This is highly embarrassing for the defenders of
nation. A quick analysis reveals following:
1. PN [Pakistan Navy] is a favorite soft target of terrorists. In
2002, 11 French technicians working on the construction of submarines
for the Pakistan Navy were killed in a bus, just few days back a Naval
bus was attacked by terrorists killing 5 persons. This should have
been sufficient to alert PN commanders but this warning appears to be
2. Pak Navy is primarily trained for operations at sea, unlike Army,
Pakistan Air force and Navy comprise of mostly technicians, it has
limited troops/capability for ground operations. PAF and PN depend
upon DSG [Defense Services Guards, previously called MODC (ministry of
defense constabulary)] for ground defense of their installations.
While DSG is good for peace time security, it is not organized,
equipped and trained to thwart the modern terrorist thereat. If it is
beyond the capability of navy to defend themselves from modern
terrorists, then either army or rangers may employed for ground
defense of sensitive PAF, PN installations while DSG is reorganized,
re-equipped and trained for the terrorist threat.
3. It appears that Naval Air Base did not have any worthwhile security
system, it was totally dependent upon the unguarded, un surveilled
lightly fenced boundary wall. It is basic military teaching that, any
obstacle not covered by observation and fire is no obstacle. Even the
minefields in the battle area not covered by fire and observation are
considered as in effective, because they can easily be breached by
determined enemy. Security TV cameras are useless if their input is
not monitored electronically and physically to alert the reserve and
mobile rapid reaction force.
4. Except boundary wall, there was no other security parameter, breach
of which results in reaction by the defending force, the terrorists
climbed the wall, walked around 2 KM, no one observed them or
intercepted them till they accomplished their mission of destroying
the aircrafts. Even after the blast it took too long for defenders to
react, as there was no reserve/ reaction force at the base. Rangers
and Naval commandos came from distance.
5. If the terrorists would have been detected even by a sentry blowing
the alarm or whistle, some timely reaction could have saved the
sensitive aircrafts, but probably there was mo such arrangements.
While the inquiry committees can find out the truth if they want to
[which would never be known to public, to cover up], it is evident
from above that PNS Mehran, an important joint PAF-PN Base did not
have even minimum security arrangements, indicating professional
negligence and incompetence. While civilians may be spared from such
lapses, they pay for their lives; the military establishment cannot
get away with such criminal negligence being at war on terror. They
are entrusted by the nation only for this job. All responsible in the
hierarchy share the blame and be swearly punished after an
independent inquiry and fair trial.
[By Aftab Ahmad Khan, retired Brigadier and ex General Manager
Security of largest hotel chain of Pakistan,].
Analysis-Terrorist Attack at Pakistan Naval Air Base...
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