Political Reforms for Stable Democracy in Pakistan

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Jun 27, 2011, 2:35:12 PM6/27/11
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Politics is the business of rich only, their first priority is to
recover election expanses and expenses for next election. Too much
power is concentrated with the parliamentarians, who have persistently
proved to be unworthy of it: "Power corrupts and absolute power
corrupts absolutely", power to plunder is the norm. They pressurise to
get undue favours for their support to keep people in power. The
executive should be separated from legislative. Development of road,
infrastructure is not the job of legislators, its the function of
local government. The monopoly of parliamentarians should be
restricted by taking away their power to elect Prime Minister,
President, Senators, women and minority seats, by electing them with
direct vote of people, parliamentarians would become law makers, then
genuine people would come forward. US, French and German constitutions
should be looked at, they are not non democratic.
The British modelled parliamentary system suits the feudal political
elite, they hold reign of power through this system, it is not
divinely ordained , it could always be suitably modified to suit local
environments. At times people with minority vote get elected, while
majority gets no representation, if 100000 votes are divided among
various candidates, candidate A getting 15000, B 25000, C 15000, D
20000, E 10000, F 15000 candidate B with 25000 votes is winner with
25% votes while he was rejected by majority 75% will remain
unrepresented, this not fair democracy [Out of many take example of
NA-3 , Mr.Noor Alam Khan with 30% of polled votes is winner while 70%
people cast votes against him to other candidates, actually he got
only 10% of total registered votes. if 45% bogus votes are excluded
the figure fall down significantly. More at this weblink]. Hence the
majority is not represented in parliament, how could it be called
democracy? No one has ever even debated this aspect, resolving it is
far fetched objective. Those not represented in parliament have to
wait for next elections after 5 years or resort to protests and
violence. Effort should be made to provide representation to maximum
political groups, so that even small parties could get representation
to project, put across their point of view in democratic way not
through violence. Read full .... Political Reforms for Stable
Democracy in Pakistan...http://t.co/nWDNNWN
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