Why Criticise 1200 politicians only? http://t.co/a3ufXKz

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Jun 25, 2011, 7:26:49 AM6/25/11
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    • While discussing corruption, it was pointed out that there are about 1200 politicians in the assemblies, why corruption by these 1200 people is discussed? Are there only 1200 politicians who are corrupt and no one else? Do all the plazas, towers, business centers and factories are owned by 1200 corrupt politicians? If not then we must talk of accountability of others as well, not making 1200 politicians as the only target, there may be some corrupt among them.
      The figure of 1200 corrupt out of total population of 180000000 is very small, rather insignificant fraction which can be ignored if they are ordinary clerks, peons, laborers, workers etc, but these 1200 people are the elite who select the rulers, they are law makers, they form policies and run the government to rule 180000000 people. These 1200 people have the pivotal position of ‘brain’ in a body. If heart, lungs, kidneys and all the other organs of human body are functioning properly but there is a problem in the ‘brain’ can that man be called healthy? A person with brain malfunction is useless; he may be lying in bed in paralysis at the mercy of life support equipment and medics. Some times even called ‘brain dead’ though all other organs are working properly. A German saying: ‘fish starts to rot from brain’..... READ MORE...  http://t.co/a3ufXKz


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