Hello and chain plate question; also vacuum bagging experience.

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Aug 15, 2009, 9:34:29 PM8/15/09
to F22 Builders
so i am working on my first half of the first pontoon ama. the c
fabric called for is 10x16 inches. because of the angle of the plate
I am assuming that is 16 inches down the side of the pontoon and 10
inches from the bulkhead; and that the measurement is from the base of
the angle at the top and not proceeding up as part of the flange. I
noticed that a 16 x 16 piece of fabric looked more like the picture.
Not knowing what the chainplate does exactly i wonder. also the 6 x
12 c fabric i assume is to underlie the 6 x 14 foam? at the angle of
the foam?

and then the foam. in the picture on sheet 5 it looks very tapered at
both ends but on sheet 7 it looks very blocked on both ends. i assume
we need to shape it to fit rather than satisfy the drawings...?

I tried vacuum bagging yesterday and can't get rid of separations. so
i ordered some guages and pro equipment and will bag several pieces at
once and then jig saw them later... I am using a vacuum cleaner vacuum
with more hp than necessary. may have to pinch for a better unit.
definitely the slower flux for resin is the way to go. also i am
looking at substitutes for fabric. I ordered a set from fibreglast
and recognized a lot of the fabric. also ordered a release wax. you
can't just rub on a few thin coates. you need to get a spatula and
really coat the surface well.

I am in Iowa and plan to take my boat up the Illinois river and out
the St. Lawrence seaway, down the Hudson to NYC and down the
Intercoastal waterway all the way round and then up the Tom Bigbee
waterway back home. At least that is my first trip. Depending on how
the boat does and if there is any interest in buying her I will
probably be building a 30 foot plus from Ian later. I was worried
about noise and smell from the epoxy. But really no one in my
neighborhood can smell it. two cycle engines make more noise and
smell from mowing lawns! you can see my progress at seawitch13.com

Nice to read all the posts. good to know there are others like me out

Bill Scott

Aug 16, 2009, 10:28:16 AM8/16/09
to greygoose, F22 Builders
You definitely need more vacuum than a vacuum cleaner will provide - 15
to 20 in. of mercury.
I am not sure exactly what you are asking about the chain plates but you
have probably figured it out.
I hope you can keep up your enthusiasm out there in tall corn country.
Bill Scott

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Aug 16, 2009, 10:52:33 PM8/16/09
to F22 Builders
thanks, i bit the bullet and ordered a pro vac system. yup I read the
pages again and figured out the chain plate thingy. i think what threw
me was the mm not being converted to inches like ian usually does.

Ian Farrier

Aug 18, 2009, 9:59:51 AM8/18/09
to F22 Builders
In reply to

> and recognized a lot of the fabric. also ordered a release wax. you
> can't just rub on a few thin coates. you need to get a spatula and
> really coat the surface well.

This is not the usual practice and I have never done it this way.
Just applying 5 or 6 coats with a cloth or a sponge (that sometimes
comes in the can), allowing to dry, and then polishing it off, as per
the usual instructions, is all that usually has to be done.

An F-22 Update re production rudder, another launching, along with
some general notes, has also just been sent out, so let me know if
you did not receive.

Launching details can be seen at:


and the F-22 rudder can be seen at:


Ian Farrier

Farrier Marine (NZ) Ltd
Farrier Marine, Inc

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