Fitting synthetic lines to spar with olivier link

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Dec 3, 2008, 3:29:54 AM12/3/08
to F22 Builders
I'm considering using the 'olivier link' designed bij Olivier Blanc
( on my rig. The link is/was produced by
Precourt (see this document which I googled - the Precourt site has
been offline for quite some time now -
Other builders might also be interested. More information in the
following mail (read bottom up) with Olivier.

If I get more news from Olivier, I'll post it in the F22 Group.



Hi Menno,
I think the 6mm Olivier Link is inconvenient for 6mm shrouds. I really
should design 8mm and 10mm models to create a complete family suitable
for larger lines. I also plan to have more basic Links made of plastic
for secondary applications, such as lazy jacks, shock cords, etc...
I spoke with Erik this morning and he will be back in business very
soon. You will be able to get the fittings through his store shortly.
He told me that he will now be 100% dedicated to rigging!
I will try to get a test organized to see the ultimate strength of the
6mm link with 6mm shrouds. I will keep you informed.
Yes you can put this email in the F22 forum!

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> Hi Olivier,
> If I'm not mistaken 6mm shrouds are possible on the F22, so the 6 mm link would do in that respect. Maybe the
> radius or the size of the link is not enough to safely transfer the loads to the shroud or the mast?
> This weekend I visited a rigger to look at some mast sections, and looking at the sizes of the holes they're
> routinely making in their sections to fit the forestay tangs/terminal plates/sheave assemblies, I don't think
> te size of the hole for an olivier link will be a problem.
> My plan is to get my boat on the water in june 2009, so if you & Erik think it's necessary to first
> develop&test a new link instead of using the existing link, I'll fit padeyes as per plans. Other builders
> however might also be interested to use the links for their rigging and will have more time before launching. Do you mind if I put this e-mail on the F22 builders group (> )?
> Regards
> Menno
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> Hi Menno, nice F22!
> I used to be #20 in the initial waiting list for the F22 but switched for the scarab22 because I did not want to wait
> too long to start building!
> I initially started working on the Oliver Link to do exactly that: attach the shrouds on the mast. Right now, the
> 2 sizes that I made with Erik Precourt are good for 4mm and 6mm synthetic lines only.
> On my Scarab22 I use 7 links: 6 of size 6mm and 1 of size 4mm. I have been using them for 2 seasons and there is absolutely no wear. I even think that since the highly curved part of the synthetic line is protected from the UV rays inside the mast it will last a long time.
> I use them for the following:
> 2 upper shrouds (not the main shrouds...)
> 2 mast raising wires
> 2 bowsprit lateral stays
> 1 trip line for the bowsprit end fitting.
> Before using them for shrouds, I would have to design a larger model and test it at least for a full season. Loosing one shroud has bad consequences...
> I will contact Erik and see what can be done.
> It would be nice to know from Ian Farrier what is the largest hole I could make in the mast to install larger
> Oliver links.
> Regards,
> Olivier

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> Date: Monday, December 1, 2008, 7:32 AM

> Hello Olivier,
> I've had a lot of fun reading/following your website.I'm building a F22 ( in
> the Netherlands.
> At the moment I'm working on the mast + stays and your 'olivier link' seemed to me the perfect
> solution for fitting the sidestays. Much easier than fitting padeyes on epoxy pads on the mast.
> The only problem I can think of is that the radius of the synthetic line in the olivier link will be too small,
> making it prone to breaking before it reaches its normal breaking-load. I wonder if you've got any ideas
> about this. I wanted to ask Precourt, but unfortunately their website has been offline for a long time now (are they still in business?) so I thought I'd rather just ask the inventor.
> Hope to hear from you and hope you'll add some nice pictures to your site in the future....
> Regards,
> Menno van der Zijpp

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