settee seat back location on fwd beam bulkheads

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Aug 8, 2009, 2:50:43 PM8/8/09
to F22 Builders
This is a minor question that I've been pondering - thought I would
try it out on you guys.

The rear portion of the settee seat back is easy to locate - just use
the compartment cut-line along the main cabin bulkhead.

The fwd-side seems not so simple - I don't see a specific location in
the plans (fine), and most of the existing boats I've seen position it
outboard of the UFS pivot hole. This results in what looks like an
awkard angle and transition from the settee portion. Some of this
could be covered up with strategic cushion placement. Instead, I am
wondering if I can attach the seatback to the inboard edge of the fwd
beam bulkhead (ie, inboard of the pivot hole). As long as access is
provided for to the pivot hole (eg, through an access hole in the seat
back) this should be fine - right? This would also allow the seat
back cushion to extend fwd to the edge of the fwd beam bulkhead
flange. feedback welcomed.


Aug 9, 2009, 6:24:58 PM8/9/09
to F22 Builders
Hi Jay , I too have put the fwd bunk end outboard of the pivot pin , I
don't plan to have the back rest cushion coming past the fwd end of
the settee base as this makes it easy to have front access to the fwd
end of the storage without having the bother of a cushion in the way .
Also the pivot pin is a highly stressed point which may be subject to
leaking - would rather have it in plain sight than skulking in a
cupboard . Regards , Jim Buckland .

jungle jim

Aug 16, 2009, 12:21:57 AM8/16/09
to F22 Builders
Hi Jay...have a look at the pics I've posted about the seatback etc.

We decided that the forward end of the seatback position would be
comfortable if it lined up with the inside of the front bulkhead. The
seatback is approximately 12" wide and has a piano hinge to form the
wingberth. From our experience with our trailertri 720, there will
rarely be water in the upper folding strut pivot area. Therefore
water should not be an issue.

Also shown is the storage compartment behind the settee. We decided
that there would be easier to access the storage compartment by
hinging the berth panel up rather than lifting the seatback to get at
the cutout.

We also chose to narrow the starboard settee by about 2" in order to
create more legroom. This still leaves enough width for a comfortable
settee but could be too narrow to use as a bunk for an adult. We are
planning to use the starboard wingberth rather than the starboard

Re the Head area: rather than have a lifting panel on the starboard
settee to access the head, we chose to taper the forward part of the
settee so we would not have to move another cushion. This will allow
us to make one starboard settee cushion only.


Aug 17, 2009, 1:25:16 AM8/17/09
to F22 Builders

Thank you _very much_ for posting those pictures. You have given me
(and others I'm sure) many ideas to think about.

Your boat is well on its way to becoming a work of art, btw!
Incredible workmanship - I'm very impressed, fwiw :).


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