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Christopher Locke

Feb 5, 2007, 4:18:11 AM2/5/07
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Valued Readers,

It's not often I engage in the "markets are conversations" game these days. I much prefer talking to myself. Oh, and of course with you. However, I was moved to offer my two cents on this post by Tara Hunt called More on Higher Purpose -- the title alone like a red flag to a raging bull. Or Boy. If you go there and read my comments and the various and (highly) sundry replies thereto you will have a chance to see how my lack of tolerance for grotesque intellectual opacity has kept me from doing this sort of thing more often. Praise God.

On second thought, delete this right now and forget you ever read it. Better that way for all. Let us stay joyfully cemented into our private worlds, each with its own impenetrable semantics. And no one the wiser.



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