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Mike Ridgway

Dec 2, 2022, 5:29:41 PM12/2/22
to Election Integrity

From the Epoch Times:

Hobbs said in the suit against Cochise County that the county is allegedly violating Arizona state law and claimed that it may “potentially disenfranchise the voters of Cochise County.” A court needs to intervene or Hobbs “will have no choice but to complete the statewide canvass by Dec. 8 without Cochise County’s votes included,” the lawsuit states (pdf).

“Thus, the Board’s inaction not only violates the plain language of the statute, but undermines a basic tenet of free and fair elections in this state: ensuring that every Arizonan’s voice is heard,” the lawsuit reads.

However, Cochise County Supervisor Peggy Judd said that “we are gonna certify it,” according to The Daily Beast.

“We’re just trying to get some answers to things about the machines. We full well intend to certify it. Why would we not? You know? So we’re going to, we’re just holding off as long as we can, doing things that are legal for us to do, no matter what they say. It’s so weird, we’ve been kind of dealing with this the whole time,” Judd told the outlet on Nov. 30.

“They keep telling us ‘That’s illegal. You’re gonna go to jail,’ but it hasn’t been so, you know, law is up to interpretation. Only the judge in the end can say.”

Other Details

The Associated Press last month called the race in favor of Ciscomani, who got 50.7 percent of the votes, while Engel got about 49.3 percent. The AP noted that if Cochise County’s results are excluded, the race could reportedly flip in favor of Engel.

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So tell me, why would the race flip to the Democrat if Cochise county failed to certify the election? 

I think I understand but I'm not sure so I need your help.

Here's how it works, right?

If Democrats steal an election and no one detects the steal, they win.

If Democrats steal and election and get caught, they still win.

If Democrats get caught stealing an election, and someone declines to certify the election, they win even more.

Did I get anything wrong?

It sure is great to live in a Democratic country, don't you agree?

I hear Costa Rica is nice.

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