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Edward M. Lerner

Apr 20, 2015, 11:41:08 AM4/20/15
A new adventure begins ...


Hello, Edward M. Lerner reader!

There’s lots going on, and it’s all good. In this note:



We are not alone, and it's our own damn fault ....

Matters took longer than I'd anticipated in my last (September) update, but FOOLS' EXPERIMENTS, my 2008 technothriller, is back in print and electrons.

FOOLS' EXPERIMENTS is a tale of artificial life, artificial intelligence, and (being a technothriller) unanticipated consequences.

For more about FOOLS' EXPERIMENTS, including a few of its many outstanding reviews, check out my 2009 blog post at:


The Hugo Award (named for Hugo Gernsback, aka the Father of Science Fiction) is arguably the most prestigious award of the genre. So: I was delighted a few weeks back when "Championship B'tok," my 2014 novelette, won a place on the final ballot for this year’s awards. This year's Hugo Awards will be announced August 22nd, at the World Science Fiction Convention. Fingers crossed :-)

(B'tok, you ask? B'tok is how the alien Hunters traditionally teach military strategy. B'tok is to chess about like chess is to rock-paper-scissors. And it's not only military matters at which the Hunters excel. These aliens think Machiavelli was a charmingly amusing naif. You really do *not* want to tick off Hunters.)


"Championship B'tok," as it happens, forms part of a much larger story. That's InterstellarNet: Enigma, the latest -- and IMHO, most exciting yet -- adventure in the InterstellarNet series. And today begins its release.

"When people talk about good hard SF -- rigorously extrapolated but still imbued with the classic sense-of-wonder -- they mean the work of Edward M. Lerner, the current master of the craft. InterstellarNet: Enigma is Lerner's latest gem, and it’s up to his usual excellent standards; a winner all around."

-- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues

InterstellarNet: Enigma ... it’s one conundrum beyond the Fermi Paradox.

If you noticed, I said the release *begins.* That's because this time around the publisher is trying something new. InterstellarNet: Enigma will eventually be a conventional print and ebook -- but first it's an ebook serial (for Kindle, Nook, and your favorite Apple device). At  99 cents for the opening installment, how can you go wrong?

Check out the details (including the celebratory / promotional pricing on earlier InterstellarNet titles) at

InterstellarNet: Enigma -- a mystery (starts to be) revealed.


And that's it for today.

- Ed

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