ERH lectures online please?

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Nov 19, 2015, 8:02:44 PM11/19/15
Dear Norman:

Friends are asking about the ERH lectures online.

It seems to me that it was about a year ago that I wanted to order the lectures with Universal History 1954 from Amazon, but was told that they would soon be online, so I thought I could reply to requests by saying that they were online.

If they are online, may I have a link, please? Thanks!

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck Hartman

A BRIEF explanation of the art form of the next era.  Great for evangelism and discipleship. (@ 2 minutes in, history conducted)

SuperCalendar, LectionaryHistorical, MaeDay80, Rhyming Covenant Sequences
If you
ever in your life had a bright idea, or a new instinct, or a
new change of heart,
Sir, make this the cornerstone of your understanding
of the universe and you
will understand that the universe begins with creation. And
it ends in incarnation, because that's the experience of every potent and creative
man in the world.
But you look outside and try to deduce by your little brain,
not by your experience of your heart how the world begins, and how it should be
run. You'll never
solve it, gentlemen. You'll remain a selfish, inarticulate
animal. If the spirit moves
you, you will see how simple
things are, gentlemen. Love begins, and hope
keeps you going, and faith. And in the end, your grandchildren
will bless you.
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