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Norman Fiering

Dec 17, 2010, 12:29:17 PM12/17/10
to Paula Stahmer, Rev. Robert Pollard, Gottfried Paasche, Giles Jackson, Leon C. Martel, Terry Simmons, Bill Cane, Pastor jimichael Engels, Prof. Darrol Bryant, Edward Casey, Dean C. Allard, Michael E. Moore, Timothy McFarland, Otto Kroesen, Peyton G. Craighill, Wayne Cristaudo, Jeffrey L. Horrell, John Floberg, Stephen Flanders, C. Russell Keep, Ronald D. Guttman, MD, Andrew Fields, Father Bruno Barnhart, Richard Feringer, Frank H. Desmond, Feico Houweling, Jason Frank Ewert, Harold Stahmer, Raymond Huessy, Christopher Bodecker, Scott Dinsmore, James B. Jordan, Carroll J. Bourg, Jan Kroeze, Wim van der Schee, Leo O. Harris, Frederick A. Stahl, Paul Reist, Steven Wolfe, Paul Lee, "Jürgen K. Müller", Cristian Pennington, Svein Loeng, Robert Castle, Nick Ruiter, Willem Leenman, Malcolm B. Decker, Hugh Heclo, Bruce Boston, John L. Giegerich, Jr., E. Christian Kopff, Theodore Weymouth, Hans Huessy, Clinton Gardner, Emeth Hesed, Prof. Donald Pease, John E. Lampe, Paul Mendes-Flohr, Mark Huessy, Andrew Stern, Benjamin Fiering, Donald Wilson, W. D. J. Stoppelenburg, Rick Worrell, Norman Fiering, Rev. Clyde F. Bowie, Alton V. Thorpe, ERH Google, Peter J. Leithart, Bogumil Jarmulak, Paul R. Myers, Anne Smith Easley, John Baldwin, Michael McDuffee, Michael Wells, Jason O. Fiering, Charles Hartman, Howard B. Germain, Helmuth Von Moltke, William A. Lewis, Justin Reynolds, Doug Floyd, Norman Weissman, Fred Berthold, Rev. Kenneth Frazier, Wilford Saunders, Mr. Dana Hussey, David Squire, Glenn A. Moots, David Goldman, Andreas Leutzsch, William Young, Harris Wofford
Dear ERH Society members, 

For the retrospective part of this message, I have attached a kind of report on the conference a month ago at Dartmouth. As you will see, it is very selective, and also brief. 

With regard to the prospective part of this message, those whose membership expires at the end of this year will be receiving from me a letter, on paper,  asking you to renew for another year or two, at the rate of $20 per year. Many of you joined with dues for two or three years, or joined so recently that your renewal time is not until January 2012 or beyond. No need to respond until you get a letter from me requesting your renewal.

Thank you. 


Andragogy, rev. 12:13:10.doc

Norman Fiering

Dec 18, 2010, 6:01:54 PM12/18/10
to J Paasche
Thank you for the feedback, Gottfried. ERH suffered two huge traumas, the destruction of German culture in the first 40 years of the 20th century, a culture in which he would have been a figure of great eminence, given his ability and training,  if the country had not destroyed itself in two wars plus the descent into hell that was Nazism, and then the trauma of coming to the U. S. at age 45 at the height of his powers but with no prepared audience. Of course that he found refuge here and decent employment was a blessing that I know he recognized. On the other hand, he seemed to have believed that who he was in Germany could somehow be transferred here, but by ca. 1950 i.e., within the first 15 years after his immigration, he realized he was condemned to relative oblivion, living indeed with his hopes for just recognition and influence placed somewhere indeterminate in the future, after his death. Obviously, I am one of those crazy enough to believe that in time he will have a profound influence in many areas of thought and action, despite all of the impediments that he himself has unwittingly put up that make access to his core thinking difficult. 


P. S.  I hope you will not find objectionable that I have circulated your message and my reply to the Society as a whole. 

On Dec 18, 2010, at 4:50 PM, J Paasche wrote:

Norman, thank you for making this effort. I found ERH's concept of Androgogy helpful - illuminating...the distinctions between pedagogic, demagogic and androgogic, and so on. 

I have always been especially interested in the historic moment of ERH - the impact of the First World War in Europe ( unlike in the U.S.) - on his thinking and life - which of course was so great on my own grandparental generation in Germany. Come to think of it, much of the difference in the response to him between the continents leads back to this difference. The US is only now undergoing what Europe underwent in 1914 - 1918....

Thanks! Gottfried.....

Norman Fiering
(Director and Librarian, Emeritus
John Carter Brown Library)
Correspondence should be directed to:
P. O. Box 603233, Providence, RI 02906

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