Spare Steam Keys for Cities Skylines base game and a few DLCs up for grabs

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Zarino Zappia

Sep 18, 2023, 5:22:34 AM9/18/23
Hi folks,

I recently bought a Cities Skylines bundle on Humble Bundle (setting the charity donation proportion to 100% and the Paradox Interactive proportion to 0% like any good pirate).

The bundle included the Steam Keys for some things I already own (as much as you can ever "own" anything on Steam) – and so rather than the keys going to waste, I wondered whether anyone here would like them? At no cost, obviously.

I have 1 spare key each, for: the base game, the "deluxe" upgrade pack (which is really only worth it for the soundtrack), the Snowfall expansion (fine but not massively useful), and the Mass Transit expansion (really useful). If you already have the base game but not the expansions, I’m happy to give you the keys for just the bits you want.

Drop me a reply, on- or off-thread, if you’d like any of it.

So that I don’t end up favouring people who watch their emails like a hawk, I’ll give it 72 hours—so, 10am Thursday—and then if there’s been more than one request at that point, I’ll pick one at random. Hope you don’t mind!

And finally, just to note – Cities Skylines runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux (which is where I play it) but you’ll realistically want ~16 GB RAM to play it smoothly, especially once you inevitably start downloading hundreds of additional free assets off the Steam Workshop.

All the best,


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