Lift Access in the Tapestry Building

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Jun 15, 2023, 5:26:59 AMJun 15
to 'Siobhan' via DoES Liverpool
As we've had so many issues with the lift in the Tapestry the landlord is making a plan to replace it with a more suitable lift. This is great news as it should be a lot more reliable and may also mean that we are actually allowed to use it for transporting light goods (TBC). The bad part is that for a period of time while the new lift is being installed (potentially August-November), we will not have lift access to the first floor. We've been looking at options for taking some space somewhere else on a temporary basis to cover this period and have found one or two options.

We need to make a plan for this so I’ve added an issue to GitHub but wanted to post about it on the mailing list too to make sure as many people are aware as possible. We’re open to having more options for this and also need to make a plan for what should go into this new, temporary, space. Rather than copying all the text though I’ll just post the link and if you think you can help please either respond on GitHub, on this thread, or to me or another organiser directly if you prefer.



Zarino Zappia

Sep 1, 2023, 4:59:28 AMSep 1
to DoES Liverpool
Hi folks,

As mentioned on Instagram this morning, the Tapestry lift is now being replaced with a much better one, which is excellent as the previous platform lift wasn't up to the job and was often out of action.

Unfortunately that means there is now no lift access to our space until early November.

Our initial plan for a temporary accessible space fell through but we're working hard on finding another. (More detail in ‘somebody should’ issue #1833.)

We'll continue to post updates on our socials and in this Google group.


Jackie Pease

Oct 7, 2023, 4:07:54 AMOct 7
to DoES Liverpool
As you might have heard, unfortunately Melodic Distraction has ceased trading, very sad for everyone involved and a great loss to the area.

Jason, our landlord, has kindly offered the space to use as a temporary accessible space while the lift is being replaced. .

There's a lot to sort out, but we're going to start moving a few things in this afternoon from 2pm, so come along if you'd like to help or just take a look around. Snoof is hoping to be here at 4pm if she can.get in.

Wheelchair access is via the large shutter on Constance St.

Sean Jarman

Oct 7, 2023, 4:53:06 AMOct 7

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