Temnospondyls from German Triassic (free pdf)

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Ben Creisler

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Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Free pdf:

Parotosuchus decumanticus sp. nov.

Rainer R. Schoch & Raphael Moreno (2024)
Synopsis on the temnospondyls from the German Triassic
Palaeodiversity 17(1): 9-48
doi: https://doi.org/10.18476/pale.v17.a2

Temnospondyl finds rank among the most abundant remains throughout the continental Triassic deposits. In the Central European Basin, they are especially numerous, with diversity peaks in the Röt, Erfurt and Stuttgart formations. Currently, a total of 20 genera and 29 species of temnospondyls is recognized in the German Triassic. The Early Triassic temnospondyl assemblages encompass the five genera Trematosaurus, Sclerothorax, Odenwaldia, Meyerosuchus, and Parotosuchus. Trematosaurus is present with the coeval species T. brauni and T. thuringiensis whereas Parotosuchus is known with the three species P. helgolandicus, P. nasutus and the newly erected P. decumanticus n. sp. from the Black Forest from different time slices. Sclerothorax is known from two widely divergent horizons in the early and late Olenekian of Hesse, whereas Odenwaldia and fragmentarily known Meyerosuchus are from localities in the Black Forest and almost coeval horizons dating late Olenekian. In the Middle Triassic the ten temnospondyl genera Plagiosuchus, Plagiosternum, Megalophthalma, Gerrothorax, Trematolestes, Callistomordax, Eocyclotosaurus, Stenotosaurus, Tatrasuchus and Mastodonsaurus (two species) are recognized. Kupferzellia Schoch, 1997 is a junior synonym of Tatrasuchus Maryanska & Shishkin, 1996. The coeval early Anisian Eocyclotosaurus and Stenotosaurus are morphologically similar but distinct in palate features, whereas the other taxa all fall within the late Ladinian interval of the Erfurt Formation. The lost type and only specimen of “Cyclotosaurus” papilio was most consistent with the genus Eocyclotosaurus. The Late Triassic rock sequence has yielded the six valid genera Plagiosaurus, Gerrothorax, Hyperokynodon, Metoposaurus, Capitosaurus and Cyclotosaurus, the latter with the five species C. robustus, C. buechneri, C. ebrachensis, C. posthumus and C. hemprichi. In the Rhaetian, reworked remains may only be referred to indeterminate plagiosaurines and capitosauroids.
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