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Aug 11, 2006, 8:59:29 AM8/11/06
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"In the ruins of ancient Pompeii, archaeologists discovered a Greek
character pressed into the now-frozen dust of the city's streets and
byways. After much study, they determined that it was a logo embossed
on the soles of prostitutes sandals, so wherever they walked, they left
a trail of footsteps that said, "Follow me!" Thus proving, once
and for all, that advertising is the world's second oldest
profession. To celebrate this discovery, I am proud to present one of
the maddest rants about the depredations, machinations and general
skullduggery of my chosen career ever penned to paper. Now it may seem
somewhat contradictory that a senior executive at a major Madison
Avenue advertising agency should be writing the preface to a book whose
primary purpose is to show small and medium sized businesses how to
avoid using the services of major Madison Avenue advertising agencies.
But my fond hope is that by following his advice, your business will
become very, very large. Perhaps global. Then, in gratitude for all
the trouble, pain and lucre George's wise counsel has spared you and
your company, you'll give your account to me. Without a review.
Because while everything George says about the evils of ad agencies is
absolutely and incontrovertibly true, my agency is the one exception.
On this continent. In this city. (This may not save my job, but it was
worth the shot.) Having worked with George on numerous occasions in our
equally checkered careers, I can assure you that what George doesn't
know about the insanity and paranoia of this business isn't worth
knowing. And he knows something more: how to avoid becoming part of
it. You'll find tales of crooks, fakirs, politicians, bozos and
boozers galore. Stories to raise your hackles and the hair on the back
of your neck. But you'll also learn how to sort the wheat from the
chaff. How to cherish and nurture talent when you do find it. And how
to blaze your very own trail through the maze of marketing muzz muzz.
Because, above all else, I agree with George's opinion that in the
current rush to exploit the ever-expanding choices of new media, there
is an increasing tendency amongst those who should know better to give
short shrift to the actual content of their communications. Or, to
paraphrase on old advertising homily, "Before you can begin selling
the sizzle, you have to start off with a steak." MadScam concentrates
on creating the highest quality, top grade, Angus beef, in the belief
that if you do, everything else, including the sizzle, will follow. I
couldn't agree more." -Steve Hayden. Vice Chairman. Global Creative
Director. Ogilvy & Mather, Worldwide. Steve's Creative awards
include: Two Gold & two Silver Cannes Lions. Eleven Clio's and The
David Ogilvy Award for best North America Campaign of 1997and a Gold
EFFIE in 1997. (preface for "MadScam" by George Parker. Release
date: December 2006 )


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