OK, you can be my friend for $300 Million Dollars

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Aug 8, 2006, 3:05:34 PM8/8/06
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You really need to imagine Dr. Evil (Mike Myers)---starting in October
2006 Google will be the search engine myspace playa's see on site for
the next three years for a cool $300 million per year. Google will
also grab the remnant banner ads flights for three years. With millions
of daily visits myspace and FIM's other sites along for the deal (
rottentomatoes.com, scout.com, IGN.com) will vault Google into the top
ten banner seller networks in a blink of the eye. Fox Interactive
Media is a client and we are always amazed at the cool deals they are
always weaving. FIM spokesperson's confirmed the deal is a go with
the calendar being three years and nine months and virtually
guarantees Google exclusive first right of refusal to all ad space that
is not already contracted and allows Google to sell ad banners
throughout the FIM family of sites.

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