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Mar 22, 2006, 8:26:13 AM3/22/06
to Digital Advertising
Posters began appearing this morning at construction sites around our
neighborhood and extend to the NYU campus. Reported sightings along the
East River adjacent to Columbia U.

steve hall has not posted it yet...How are your campaigns going? =adotas. AD:tech's key speaker is now
penning a regular section. Asa Bailey (Here is a link to how Yahoo used
Asa's digital viral) and
here is Asa's collection of three used in rotation to great effect.
Asa also pens a section on viral advertising for Refer your
co-workers to join us here at digital-advertising and post your
favorites, concerns, rants-anything realy that relates to our
interactive world. If your favorite color is red, orange or blue we
need you.8P

The folks who did the next link are viral spoofers or you tell me,
theier ID is a sacred secret-I will never tell. warning: don't go here
if explicit sex or iPod ads make you queasy. In peto silencio
We are still all word of ,mouth and invite only-we welcome all your
peerless colleagues to join us too. I just posted the link to the
updates interactive directory www,
and if you are seeking tyalent at your shop you may want to check this
Check out our article on writing an effective human capital ad.
and click on adotas classified section (tab on home page). Call me if
you have any questions about anything or have a rant you don't want to
submit. Any good copywriters on your team? Have them peep adotas and
submit their cerebral cerebrations and watch your sales director begin
whistling and skipping through your space....btw- we just posted
profiles of our editors so throw your darts...

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