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Aug 3, 2005, 4:11:38 PM8/3/05
to Digital Advertising
Carefully crafted Digital Advertising is the key to success with both
Internet based firms and brick and mortar companies. You can have a
terrific website or business location. However, if nobody is coming to
your site; you have a BIG ZERO. That's right, if you are just one of
the 20 billion web sites listed with Google text and you don't have
effective creatives you are just another face in the crowd. As far as
I'm concerned click throughs that lead to sign-ups or purchases are
the ultimate measure of the effectiveness of your Digital Advertising
efforts - yes, that old sweetsounding word - SALES; it's the final
measure of success or failure.

The most effective digital ads have a click through to a page that
further encourages expolration and interaction with the candidate
before asking them to sign-up or purchase. The least effective digital
ads? The ones that click through to a form to fill out right out of
the gate. One wise adperson described the click through to a form as a
digital date rape attempt.

Why does one ad get massive click throughs and another is dead as a
doornail? That is the Million Dollar question, isn't it? How do you
stand out from the maddening crowd? What makes your landing page
special? If can't think of at least three things before you blink three
times you may need to go back and rethink the page. Your digital ad
must stress benefits not features in your text and images at all times
to entice the responses you desire. Without question your digital
advertising must emphasize positive vibes. All vibes are contagious.
If you are trying to appear hip, as a recent series of ads for a very
large financial brokerage firms digital advertising has tried to do
have and features ripped and tattered text with bleeds of color and
guns and violent images, well then you deserve to fail because your
target audience is seeking not just the cheap trade (dollar amount is
featured in star burst or tattered stamp image). They seek a quality
experience and ease of use. What if both are lacking in your agencies
creatives. What do you do? You fire the agency more interested in
appearing hip then in resonating with your target's need for a warm
and fuzzy sense of comfort.

Recent studies have shown that loud and angry people upset our
concentration and cause a twitch response instead of a smile and a
click through. If we are around upset people, we begin to take on that
attitude ourselves. If your ad images show confident smiling people
then you will attract the same positive, successful people to interact
with your ad. Enthusiastic people in our ad images attract enthusiastic
customers. And, most of us like smiling enthusiastic people. If your
digital advertising lacks enthusiastic words and images, why should
anyone click through?

"Always be closing" is often referred to as the "ABCs of
sales". However, it also applies to Digital Advertising. 90% of
Digital Advertising is designed to close sales. It is not to
"inform", "educate", or "entertain". That is branding,
isn't it? Ready to argue yet?

Albert Einstein said, "Many of life's failures are people who did not
realize how close they were to success when they gave up." In Digital
Advertising, everything you do moves you forward. If one campaign
fails, you are that much closer to finding what works.

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