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Jul 24, 2005, 3:33:28 PM7/24/05
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Your digital advertisement has 3 seconds to capture the eye of your
intented beholder. The first half second; the human eye scans colors
and shapes and in the next 3 seconds drinks in the headline if it finds
the experience pleasurable. A sticky headline with five words or less
is where the viewer decides whether to continue or move on. If your
graphics take longer than 3 seconds to load in your digital ad; guess
what? You are doomed.

Six seconds is just enough time to perceive one simple shape, associate
the colors with past pleasant memories and cognate 5 words (assuming a
typical digital ad reading speed of 300 wpm).

The facts speak for themselves. Your digital advertising viewer's eyes
sticks on copy that they make an emotional connection with, more often
than not, so connect with them by utilizing copy that makes them
respond emmotionally (smile or utter pleasant sounds).

Eye-popping graphics are not effective unless they lead the eye to your
headlines quickly. This simple truth has enormous consequences for your
Digital Advertising Creative Tools Selection.

Rich Media, Flash gymnastics and animated gifs that spins through five
changes in color and text images are dooming your efforts to 'also
ran' status or worse - - - pushing your potential client to someone
else who gets it and delivers headlines that grab the heart. The heart
is much closer the wallet than the brain and that is where you appeal
must be targeted. 2.35 seconds. That's all the time you have to make
the all important emotional connection that creates the click through.

A statistically significant number of web viewers read, at best, ¾ of
your ad If your call to action is below the ¾ mark in your ad you are
losing valuable clicks. Most ads fail and for some reason most digital
ads have their call to action close to the bottom of the ad. In other
words, most calls to action never get sufficient eyeballs to be
effective. They simply do not get read.

Therefore, digital ads that have award winning animation, taking 5
seconds to complete a cycle, or more than 5 words are doomed to fail.
If,in spite of the facts, if you really enjoy the prospect of winning
awards more than pleasing your clients, then keep your expanding and
roving DHTML, rich media and Flash machinations.

Oh, and try to have your call-to-action and landing page link to sign
up or order information presented in the top ½ on your landing page to
ensure it gets read. Why not igve it a try?
The "Human eyes has over two million working parts." - "real
facts"#451 Snapple bottle cap (summer 2005).

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