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Sep 16, 2005, 9:20:59 AM9/16/05
to Digital Advertising
Your digital "call-to-action" can make or break your RIO. The days of
the rapid strobing of a call to action with six color changes are as a
dead as Direct Revenue the purveyor of adware so eggregious it destroys
the operating system of it's host before it will allow you to remove
A sublte call to action has evolved within the most successful
campaigns. In fact the recent trend of ads that do not look like ads is
gaining momentum. Two of the weeks biggest breaking ad campaign:NYTimes
Digital Select
and the sublime Corporate Branding work of a hundred monkeys

The broadsheet featured a full page ad for the new digitally exclusive
Select. The use of black in the skyscraper and billboard banners is a
potent and irresistible draw for eyes. The color choices for their
animated GIF "call-to-action" are noteworthy. Let me know about your
favorite ad campaigns. A big shout out to Bob Sullivan
( ). His work resonates well with two other
digital ad masters: Asa Bailey, whom we all know for his outrageous
virals (VW, Two-HeadedDog, CoqRoc) and Pesach Lattin, who has lent
endless hours to nail the digital perps who dare abuse our children.
Pesach's work with the Secret Service Task Force investigating child
pornography and NYS Child Abuse Unit is legendary. Asa recently issued
another series of viral s to help stop abuse of children in all it's
insidious forms. The two have teamed up:!:


Sep 16, 2005, 5:16:29 PM9/16/05
to Digital Advertising

Arthur wrote:
> Your digital "call-to-action" can make or break your ROI. That's return on investment shop talk on Mad. Av.

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