Brand Think and Viral Video Convergence

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Jan 2, 2007, 3:04:18 PM1/2/07
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Can you think of a single Brand that can afford losing market share?
Can a Brand afford not making an intense connection to their target?
No fever, no sale.
Can a Brand afford not getting positive word of mouth?
The answer is surprising outside of the occult world of viral DNA
Viral productions require that the Brand catch fire! If they don't
they are viral dysfunctional (VD). Good or bad WOM --- it does not
matter one bit.
Indifferent response is the only end result that is not tolerated.

Targets can and often do hate the ads and still buy the product!

As one very successful, DNA in his blood, viral video producer told me
recently, "Art, as long as the Brand Manager understands that we may be
exposed as
a "flog" before we begin, then it's cool. We register the flog
URL to us and the buzz builds into a 104F fever in about 40 hours.
Anything longer than 40 hours
is generally, a failed viral. We take the heat, like Satan's slut,
with a big learing grin and the Brand sees an uptrend in sales. Their
HALO is never actually at risk.

Psst. 1,400 brands are actively soliciting RFPs during January and
February for a variety of Media ad placements! Survey results show, in
order of frequency, the following are being sought by BRANDS for ad
spends in the First quarter of 2007.

Hispanic ad creation. Searchable mention. Short, sweet, subtle video
productions that go BOOM on social sites. Brand models for various
Product Placement spots in all Media. Email blasts to target
demographics with a trusted provider.

What, in your opinion was the defing moment in digitsal advertising in
2006? Some say it was Google's 1.6+ billion dollar invenstment in
YouTube including the ever fun to read blogger: nalt!
Others have sent me emails saying nailed
it with Brea aka LoneyGirl.
imho, Steve Hall is still King of the Advertising bloggers.

Happy New Year!

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