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Dec 27, 2005, 6:36:43 PM12/27/05
to Digital Advertising
Tag Lines matter. Whatever you are presenting, whether it is B2B or B2C
- - - two word text messages in first few frames of your banner gives
your banner an advantage that is measurable. Whether you are presenting
iPod offers, lead generation, comparison shopping, content networks,
and ad/affiliate networks opportunities the two word messages are
clearly scoring higher click throughs than messages that are verbose.
Allow your later frames to entice and command a click without text
competing with images and you win Big.

Vibrant colors on a 'vintage' background consistently produce
measurably better results. White background banners score poorly in
the click through department. Text that moves toward the viewer is also
scoring statistically superior click through rates in ad after ad.
When you include benefits (sale) in Flash8 and animated GIF banners
your banners outclass static ads by a wide enough margin to make the
difference between success and failure. Keep It Simple or Starve is
still true with Flash8 and animated GIF ads. Ads that contain text or
images that recede are utter failures and should be abandoned before
your client opt to find another agency. While it's true that receding
images in Flash8 initially captivate when compare with the static
alternative these ads were duds in the critical Click Me department.
Fast changing text or image files while initially grabbing eyes were
ignored by clickers by such a wide margin that your job is at stake and
several media firms that specialize in these Wowie! type ads are
destined for a spanking as Q1 '06 begins. Human forms that smile
(celebrity endorsements add a plus factor) do increase click through
rates unless heads are cropped poorly. (Banners with heads intact
scored better than heads that are cut-off). Final notes: Size matters.
But position rules. 300x250 banners outscore both LeaderBoard (728x90)
and Skyscraper (120x600, 160x600, 320x800) spots. What are your
thought? Call me -212-777-6778x305 or better yet post here. Flame on?

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