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Welcome to the Author Dee Henderson Newsletter. Information about upcoming releases and when books arrive in stores will be posted to this group.
Complete list of titles:
FICTION BOOKS - Immortality, An Unfinished Death, Threads of Suspicion, Traces of Guilt, Taken, Undetected, Unspoken, Full Disclosure, O'Malley series - Danger in Shadows, The Negotiator, The Guardian, The Truth Seeker, The Protector, The Healer, The Rescuer, Jennifer: An O'Malley Love Story. Uncommon Heroes series - True Devotion, True Valor, True Honor. Other titles - Kidnapped, The Witness, Before I Wake, The Marriage Wish, God's Gift.
NOVELLA'S - Sins of the Past (My story is titled MISSING), The Cost of Betrayal (My story is BETRAYED)

NON-FICTION BOOKS -  Jesus our Savior and Redeemer - 80 page printout, Jesus the Truth and the Life - 100 page printout, The Good News Project - 50-page printout, Healing Is By Grace Alone (if you read An Unfinished Death you will learn the same material in story format)
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