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Mar 5, 2007, 9:21:02 PM3/5/07
to Ink spilled on a page
I've got terribly exciting news that I've been bubbling over with for
about a week. And now that it's finalized, I'm letting all of you in
on it.

Penguicon 5.0 - - will be held April 20-22 this
year at the Troy Hilton hotel. It's a linux/sci-fi/fantasy/anime/
everything convention that I've been going to (save for 3.0) since
Neil Gaiman showed up at 2.0.

This year, I will be sitting on six panels, and will be doing a shared
reading session with two other writers.

The possibility of a signing exists, and we're going to do our best to
get copies of The Remembrance on the tables in the dealers' room.
Also, we will be armed with badge ribbons galore, and have come up
with a neat way to spread them around.

I'm extremely excited, and hope to see you there. :)

Apr 7, 2007, 5:09:03 PM4/7/07
to Ink spilled on a page
Afternoon, everybody.

The PenguiCon ( ) schedule has reached a state
of tentative finalization. While that may seem like a contradiction
in terms, it means that I can post my schedule of panels and the
reading (holy crap!) so that everybody can know what's up with me
ahead of time.

So, I've gone ahead and put that info in my Google Calendar, which can
be found here:

I've got one panel on Friday night, two on Saturday morning, my
reading in the late morning/early afternoon, and then three panels on
Sunday morning. I will gladly accept any offerings of caffeine that
you may choose to bestow upon me. :)

Also, I'm ready to start sending chapters out to "alpha" readers, like
I did with The Remembrance. I'm going to limit the list to fifteen
readers, and two are already on the list. If you've told me that you
want to be on the list, please shoot me a response here, an e-mail, or
an IM, to remind me.

Hope to see you at the con!

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