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Feb 5, 2007, 10:10:46 PM2/5/07
to Ink spilled on a page
Hey all,

I may be a bit behind in starting this up, but I'm doing it. A trip
to Cleveland last weekend really kicked my creativity in the butt, and
I wrote every day last week. That hasn't happened since November for

I've been working on Steven stuff, and only have an issue and a half
(I'm really at 16.5, but the counter rounds up) left to write before
I'm finished with Book 3. Also, I'll be updating the Steven web page
with its long-needed new title bar and an updated script. Probably
the latter before the former.

Thanks to both Josh Parker and Gilgamesh Taggett for their help in
breaking my blocks. I keep getting shown how much people want me to
fulfill this part of my life, and it really means a lot to me.


Feb 13, 2007, 2:13:29 PM2/13/07
to Ink spilled on a page
I spent eight hours straight writing on Sunday. This was fortuitous,
as I had to work on Saturday. Using my only day off for writing has
been something that I've been trying to do for a while, and I feel
pretty accomplished at having done it this weekend.

Also, it looks like I was an issue ahead of myself on the Steven issue
count. I had finished Issue 15, and written half of Issue 16. On
Sunday, I finished up Issue 16, wrote the entirety of Issue 17, and
I'm smack in the middle of Issue 18. Ideas just kept rolling into my
head, and I made myself put them on paper instead of worrying about my
surroundings. I'm pretty proud of that.

So, I've upped the Issue count to 18, and as soon as I'm finished
writing that one, I'll have concluded the second of three story arcs.
One left to go, and six issues to do it in.

I'm already getting excited for PenguiCon. We already have the time
off, so no ConFusion problems this time. :)

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