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Chuck Shepherd

Apr 1, 2009, 6:25:24 PM4/1/09
Your Call, Kid

The title is from the Globe & Mail's story yesterday about the "consensual living" philosophy as it applies to your little urchins, who are presumed, even the toddlers, to be rational people with at least substantially well-developed senses of perspective. CL says every family member's needs are equally valid, regardless of age. No reward and punishment, no coercion, direct or indirect. Everybody–even the babbling 2-yr-old—is assumed to be in command of himself and to know what's good for him (or to realize that some decisions are beyond his 2-yr-old brain but that he'll have the sense to raise the issue politely with the other members of the family). The Globe & Mail's lede: Savannah Leavey, 6, has worn her Halloween cat costume all the time (except for washing) every day for nearly six months, and mom's fine with this (though mom sounds like she's got an issue or two, herself). Not sure how many devotees there are, but the Yahoo Group has 900 members.
Core Principles:
(1) Everyone's wants and needs are equally valid, regardless of age.
(2) Children can be trusted to know their own minds and bodies.
(3) Punishments and rewards are tools of manipulation, unneeded when family members work as a team.
(4) There is a creative solution that works for everyone.
(5) Each family member has a positive intent and desires harmony.
(6) When all are secure that their needs will be met, they will branch out and help others meet their needs.

Globe & Mail (Toronto) ///

More Things to Worry About Today

Thomas Meehan, 59, drove to the State Patrol office in Tacoma, Wash., to register his car, as required by law, but you'd think he would've sobered up first. KIRO-TV (Seattle)

A Brookeville, Ind., couple (Lloyd Conn, 34, and Tiffany Hollins, 21), who are registered with the local parole office and theoretically know they can be visited at any time, were visited Monday (and troopers found a gun, a meth lab, and five pickup-truckloads of what they suspect are stolen goods). Kentucky Post

Apparently Walter Aaron, 26, couldn't think of a better way to pick up quick money than to steal an excavator from a construction site and smash through a SunTrust bank in Atlanta. (He was still behind the wheel when cops arrived.) WGCL-TV (Atlanta)

Recurring: Two men in Austin, Minn., called police to report that someone broke in and stole their marijuana (along with smoking devices that had "sentimental value"). They can't be charged with a crime, though, because, well, the thief completely cleaned 'em out. Post-Bulletin (Rochester, Minn.)

Recurring: Eric Fortune, 19, Denmark Township, Ohio, goaded his stepbrother to shoot him in the leg so he could see what it felt like. (It hurt a lot; he started crying.) Star Beacon (Ashtabula)

Your Daily Jury Duty
["In America, a person is presumed innocent until the mug shot is released"]
Here's a chance for Jury Nullification: Could it really be a crime that a woman happens to be completely naked below the waist in public as she is picking up dog litter? Oughtn't we to free Susan Bell? Portsmouth Herald

Today's Newsrangers: Robert Ward, Garrett Kiefer, Joe Church

Chuck Shepherd

Apr 1, 2009, 6:27:28 PM4/1/09

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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