The Elephant

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Junaid Tahir

May 14, 2024, 3:39:53 PMMay 14

By Junaid Tahir

Once upon a time, three blind children who had never encountered an elephant before were led to one for the first time. The first child, after touching the elephant's tail, decided the elephant was thin and hairy. The second child, feeling its leg, described the elephant as very fat and immovable. The third, exploring the trunk, called it a curvy, moving object. Were any of these descriptions accurate? Is it fair to form an opinion based on a single touch? This story mirrors how people often judge others based on limited information, sometimes even less fairly, leading to misunderstandings and harming reputations. Isn't such judgment unfair?

Here’s how to approach judging others more thoughtfully:

  1. Maintain Positivity: If you notice a negative trait, pause and reflect. Your initial thoughts may not capture the whole truth. Explore further without invading privacy, and always approach conversations with honesty and openness.

  2. Look Beyond the Surface: External appearances and material possessions are not the true measures of someone's character. A person in modest clothing may possess greater virtues than someone in designer wear. Remember, wealth does not inherently dictate worthiness.

  3. Seek Ethical Richness: Judge people based on qualities like honesty, integrity, simplicity, and friendliness. These traits offer a more substantial basis for understanding someone’s character.

  4. Accentuate the Positive: Avoid focusing solely on negative aspects, much like a fly that seeks out rotten spots on a tomato. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Address concerns directly instead of spreading harmful gossip. Criticize the behavior, not the individual.

Judging others hastily doesn't define them; it defines you. Strive to be fair and thoughtful, recognizing that everyone has a complex story beyond that first impression.

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