What 5 Good Things You Can Do For Orphans?

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Junaid Tahir

Dec 3, 2021, 5:19:36 AM12/3/21

1- Orphans Need Food

Imagine the hunger when you did not have your lunch.

2- Orphans Need Shelter

Imagine spending a night without a house

3- Orphans Need Education

4- Orhpans Need Family

5- Orphans Need Protection from the Evil

6- Orphans Need Entertainment

7- Orphans Deserve Better Future

8- Orphans Need Support and Physical Activities

9- Orphans Need Skills to Earn and Live

10- Orphans Deserve Love, Care and Attention

11- Orphans Need Best Orphanges

Millions of orphans in the world do not have orphanages or even if they live in orphanges, the basic services they get are exremly poor. Please need this detailed article about orphanages

Please think about the families around you that need your attention and care through money or moral aspects. Take Actions Please!

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