Avoiding Knee Pain

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Junaid Tahir

Nov 21, 2021, 11:22:06 PM11/21/21

Let's face it. Wear and tear of body is inevitable. And joints are
the worst affected as we age, out of which the knees rule.
A popping sound with pain in the knee, swelling and inability to
put weight on the leg indicate a knee sprain or a tear. Fractures,
dislocations, cartilage injuries, arthritic changes or bursitis are
painful enough. But how to avoid knee injuries and pain? Knee pain
can improve with some good body mechanics like change in movement,
ergonomics, exercise and care. 

1. Never ignore pain. Pain is one of the first warning signs that
something is amiss. After a few days of home treatment if the knee
pain worsens or does not improve it is time to call the doctor!
2. Get rest. Rest is a must if you are a very physically active
person. And all the more so if you are above 30.

3. Weight control is mandatory if your knees hurt. Being overweight
increases your chances of knee pain especially the arthritic one as
the excess load causes the degeneration of the cartilage. You can
try walking or a stationary bike for exercise without traumatising
the joints.

4. Too much of physical activity including strenuous exercises can
cost you your knees. Straining the body on the pretext of
weight loss, a sudden increase in the duration of the activity or a
rapid increase in the intensity are unwise. Always warm up with
stretches and cool down adequately.

5. If you have duck feet (walking with feet turned out) you are
more susceptible to knee pain.

6. Be careful while lifting weights as they ae only bad for your
back but also for your knees. Bend carefully putting the knees back
and heels down. Put the weight on your muscles and off your knees.

7. Discard hard shoes but use soft breathing flexible shoes
recommended for the desired activity. 

8. Know that some cholesterol lowering drugs, antacids and the like
may cause knee pain.

Knee injuries need not remain forever. Time and rest can heal most
of them and not often do they call for surgeries.

Take care!

Junaid Tahir  
Blogger, Editor, Web Dev Enthusiast 
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