How to Succeed In An Interview?

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Junaid Tahir

May 8, 2024, 2:44:29 PMMay 8

When you go for any interview, the most basic thing you have to remember is that the interviewer also feels that he is interviewed by you. He also wants your good opinion like you who wants his good opinion. So think very positively within you about the interviewer, feel admiration for him and then that face of yours will perform the task of getting the positive atmosphere. What any employer today wants most is whether you bring the needed positive atmosphere into the organization; whether you contribute to the team energy or synergy. 

Your expertise is one of the plus points. But your positive presence is the most important point. Your presence must help the creativity of the colleagues. The habit of assuming mainly positive things about the person is the road to your and your team’s success.
But suppose the other person is totally negative. Then if possible avoid him. But suppose you cannot avoid him. Then remember Skinner’s theory of reinforcement. A person repeats what he has done only when he gets what he aims at. If he sees success, then he will persist. 

So, open your fangs and simply dissect him till any idea of success and reinforcement vanishes from him. Never give reinforcement to a negative person. Never, never, never underestimate your fighting capacity. Become the ant that never gives up. An ant was Bismarck’s guru.

SO ALWAYS SMILE, WHETHER YOU ARE CONVERSING OR QUARRELING OR FIGHTING. Remember that any bitter person who succeeds temporarily ultimately cowers, because bitterness corrodes one’s personality. A person who gives biting statements is wasting his life in cultivating bitterness only and he will be the ugliest person ultimately to everyone. Never admire a man with a scowl on his face. You lose your own self esteem as a result.

But when you go for an interview or meet new people or friends or relatives, always assume that the other person is good and noble. Then your body language takes over. After all 67 percent of communication is by body language and the remaining is a mixture of good and bad feelings in editing, censorship etc—the realm of words. 

Your body cannot tell a lie. But you also cannot tell the truth completely by means of words—you censor, edit, control, and speak less or too much. The best method of communication is just smiling after deliberately thinking that the other person is noble. Silence with a positive smile is the most successful communication.

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