Downtown road closures Friday Sept. 18

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Aaron Goode

Sep 17, 2015, 3:40:44 PM9/17/15
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Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Some things somber, some things sunny, some things silly.

We will start with the Great Traffic Inconvenience that will strike us all tomorrow, Friday the 18th:

Forwarded from SeeClickFix :

<<On Friday, September 18, 2015 the follow will be in effect:

  • 1. College Street will be closed to all vehicular traffic between Elm St. and Crown St. from noon to 11PM.
  • 2. Chapel Street will be closed to all vehicular traffic between Temple St. and High St. from 4PM to 11PM.
  • 3. High Street will be closed to all vehicular traffic between Chapel St. and Elm St. from 4PM to 11PM.
  • 4. Temple Street will be closed to all vehicular traffic between Elm St. and Chapel St. from 4PM to 11PM.
  • 5. Elm Street will be reduced to one travel lane from York St to Temple from 3PM to 11PM.
Parking will be prohibited as follows:
College St:           No Parking,          Elm to Crown                 11AM – 11PM
Chapel St:            No Parking,         Temple to High                1PM – 11PM
Chapel St:            No Parking,          Church to Orange            2PM – 11PM
High St:                No Parking,          Chapel to Elm                  1PM – 11PM
Elm St:                 No Parking,         York to Temple                  2PM – 11PM

Motorists may anticipate significant delays in vehicular trips into the central downtown area. Use alternate routes.

These closures are in support of the "New Haven Grand Prix.">>

So. Do not use a car at all. If you walk, be aware of whizzing cyclists.

This might be the time, if you are not a cycling enthusiast, to investigate if the longer runway proposal at Tweed Airport is not such a bad idea or to find alternate eating spots for the day and evening because apparently many restaurants located along these routes will be closed.


Our new District Manager, Sgt. Roy Davis of the New Haven Police Department made a very direct, coherent, and detailed report on the recent series of assaults on women in Wooster Square Park and vicinity at the Downtown/Wooster square Community Management Team meeting (third Tuesday of every month, Meeting Room #2, Town Hall, Kevin Coughlin, Chair, Peter Webster, Vice Chair).

What We Know:
  • There have been 4 assaults on women (one additional suspected assault)
  • Roughly the same time frame: between 10:30 PM and 11:30 PM
  • Three of the assaults were not reported, or not reported promptly
  • Though money and goods were taken (laptop, cell phones) the intent of the perpetrator seemed to be focused on the violence itself. To quote Sgt. Davis: "They seemed to be going for the assault."
  • Two of the victims were wounded: a reported broken arm, a face smashed repeatedly onto the sidewalk
  • Descriptions of the assailants are vague: the attacks were too sudden and often from behind
  • The descriptions:
  • 2 males
  • 2 black males
  • 1 male, about 5' 8", stocky
  • Assaults took place inside Wooster Square Park (area of Green Street and Academy Street; on the corner of Wooster square park (Academy Street at Chapel Street) Wooster Street, near Sally's Apizza; the location of the fourth assault was not shared publicly
What is Being Done:

Sgt. Davis has assigned extra patrols and extended hours of patrol in out area.
The Details:
  • Two Officer patrols
  • An Officer patrolling on a bicycle (Officer Cohen, say hello to him)
  • A Police Cruiser
  • These extra patrols will be on duty from 10:00 PM to 12 Midnight
In addition, the local chapter of The Guardian Angels will be patrolling on selected nights and the coming week end.Sgt. Davis is aware of TGA and welcomes their assistance.

What Sgt. Davis Recommends:
  • Walk in the light whenever possible
  • Do not walk alone, if possible
  • Do not use ear-buds and listen to whatever as you walk: "Everyone knows the white ear-buds; you might as well put a target on your back."
  • Tell someone when you are leaving, and what your route will be, and an approximate arrival time
  • Do not resist if assaulted: things lost are better than blood lost
  • Try to provide a detailed account of events, time place, and as detailed a description of the assailant(s)


In Addition:

The Wooster Square Watch has been in contact with Parks and Recreation, and the five inoperative lamps in Wooster Square Park will be repaired and returned to service.

The Wooster Square Watch has also been in contact with LCI (Livable Cities Initiative) to address the malfunctioning, inoperable or nonexistent  street lamps on Hughes Place, Chestnut Street, and other streets in our neighborhood and restore the lamps and place new ones in dark spaces as needed.

Ward 8 Alderman Aaron Greenberg is aware of these lighting issues and will add his weight to the matter to get swift resolution.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge – the 'Q Bridge – is officially opening on Saturday, September 19th.

The South-Bound lanes of this great span will be closed to vehicular traffic. (!)

You can walk or bike across the span, and view the spectacular vista of all New Haven, the Mill River, the Quinnipiac River, the Harbor, the Sound (perhaps we can see Russia from here?) and not worry about being struck by anything but admiration.

"Join us on the Q-Bridge between 10 AM and 3 PM on Saturday, September 19, 2015.

Access the bridge by bike or foot at the intersection of Hamilton Street and Ives Place*

* no vehicular traffic on the bridge."

The I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvement Program

More info on and Twitter (@QBridgeProgram)

Please view the attached jpeg invitation of the event.

Old Myself will be in Salt Lake City next week, but will be reading Wooster Square Watch emails and posting replies. Also, contact Sgt. Roy Davis if you need to:

District Manager Sgt. Roy Davis

Use the number sparingly, please, he is a very busy man.

Next post we will address his detailed, visionary plan to address the uncontrolled atmosphere ion the New Haven Green. Worth waiting for, Folks, believe me.

Thank you for reading.



Numbers to keep handy:

NON-EMERGENCY Police Service – 203-946-6316
NON-EMERGENCY Fire Department – 203-946-6990
Public Works – 203-946-7700 (Pothole Repair, Recycling, Bulk Trash or Appliance Pick-Up)
Livable City Initiative (LCI- Property Division) – 203-946-2258
Tree Trimming –  203-946-8004
Elderly Services – 203-946-7854

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