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Hello, and welcome. This group was originally created for professional video editors and artists who use Avid DS, or those interested in learning more about it. Since the announcement in August 2013 of Avid's decision to EOL the product we have now decided to widen the scope. On 12th August 2013 the group was opened up to public viewing (you don't have to subscribe to view posts) and products other than DS no longer need be marked "OT".

This is a community of talented and passionate people dedicated to helping one another make the most of high-end editing, compositing and grading software, and to advancing the industry's knowledge of and appreciation for outstanding toolsets. Here are represented large facilities and one-man-bands, broadcasters and agency types, makers of films and corporate training videos, and many more. Some have just started working with high-end tools, while others have many years experience. Wherever you fit into this mix, you'll probably fit into this community. That said, please understand that if you're a hobbyist or non-professional, this list probably isn't for you. Note that if you apply to join you'll need to tell us a little about yourself.

We try to be a civil and professional community, so please keep postings on-topic and industry-related. 
  • If you're selling something, please sell it somewhere else - no spam, please. 
  • Keep politics and volatile subject matter off the list.
  • Ranting isn't always a bad thing. Just keep it civil.
  • Watch your language. We're adults, but vulgarity, profanity and offensive language are unnecessary. Find a better way to say it.
  • Off-topic posts can be fun. We like fun. Please preface off-topics with "OT:" to help subscribers sort their inbox.
  • Top-posting is permitted, but if you at all have time to delete long bits of quoted posts, please do so.
If you see a message appear that is obviously spam, be sure that the moderators will take swift action against the author.  Please DO NOT report the post to Google as that can result in the whole group being temporarily blocked.

Lurkers are welcome. In fact, it's often a great way to sample the group before posting.

This is a moderated list, but the moderators prefer to just be list members. Still, they will take action if necessary.

Thanks for visiting and/or subscribing, and welcome to "the best list on the net!"
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