who can give me some idea about Adobe DRM

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Jun 20, 2006, 8:29:14 AM6/20/06
to DRM, Copyright and Google
anything is welcome. i am confused about it.Thanks a lot

Andrew Bank at Techstreet

Jun 28, 2006, 5:06:55 PM6/28/06
to DRM, Copyright and Google
Adobe DRM is a method of restricting what users can and cannot do with
PDF files. For example, you can prevent users from opening a PDF file
on more than one machine. You can also prevent users from sending the
file to additional "unauthorized users".

However, Adobe is discontinuing its 'document' DRM service and rolling
out a much more expensive product more focused on media and music
industries. Virtually every content provider who once used Adobe DRM is
scrambling to find an alternative.

If you are looking for an alternative, the most functional and most
popular is FileOpen (www.fileopen.com). This product has always been
far superior to Adobe's and is much less expensive. Adobe tried to copy
FileOpen's application for some time, but never really came close. In
my view, the only reason Adobe gained any traction was their name and

FileOpen can do all that Adobe does plus much much more. The difference
is this: Adobe provided a plug-and-play service with established
business rules. You install the software and you use their rules.
FileOpen is a "box of DRM tools" that allows you to design your own DRM
solutions and set your own business rules. This is far more
advantageous to content owners who might have different ideas of how to
sell and lock down their content.

We've used FileOpen for about 4 years, and although they are a small
company with minimal support staff, their product is very impressive
and, when they are reachable, they are always responsive and helpful to
our needs.

Email me offline with any other questions.

Andrew Bank
Techstreet / Thomson Scientific


Jun 29, 2006, 1:25:46 AM6/29/06
to DRM, Copyright and Google

Thanks for the background info. I had not looked at FileOpen before.


Jun 30, 2006, 2:51:26 AM6/30/06
to DRM, Copyright and Google
Great Thanks for your reply
As far as I know Amazon also take the DRM scheme of Adobe.
Does FileOpen have the same solution with it?
And Content Server is abandoned by Adobe. But LiveCycle Policy Server
take place of it.
would you like to tell me the difference between FileOpen and
LiveCycle Policy Server ?

Andrew Bank at Techstreet

Jun 30, 2006, 10:10:37 AM6/30/06
to DRM, Copyright and Google

I don't know much about Adobe's new product (LiveCycle). All I know
(and mostly based on hearsay) is that the product is *much* more
expensive and is designed more for media providers (music, video and
related media). If you are delivering simple documents, LiveCycle is
probably overkill, too expensive, and may not even have the right
features for document DRM.


Andrew Bank at Techstreet

Jun 30, 2006, 10:12:42 AM6/30/06
to DRM, Copyright and Google
No problem. It's always amazing to me that people are still
"discovering" FileOpen. Granted, they are a small shop and their
sales/marketing is lacking, but everyone who uses it (a formidable
number of small, medium, and large publishers) believe it is far
superior to Adobe. We actually tried to contact Adobe to learn more
about their competitive product. We made calls to sales people on up to
Vice Presidents saying "we want to buy your product, please call us
back". Never got a call back!
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