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Jan 6, 2008, 4:33:07 PM1/6/08
to DRM, Copyright and Google
I tried to view some recent TV on Channel 4 web site that needed to
load a piece of software., When i tried to run the tv show, I got a
messgae to say there was an issue with my DRM.....What is this all
about and how do I access and amend it?


Jan 7, 2008, 2:51:44 AM1/7/08
to DRM, Copyright and Google

Your message highlights one of the problems with DRM and what this
group is trying to resolve.

The DRM in this case is trying to protect the content so that when you
view the TV show you can't start making copies or passing it on
illegally to others. To make this DRM work you often have to download
extra software and even have special hardware sometimes. All this
leads to extra work and complications for consumers like you and often
you can't get it to work at all. This is why I and many other groups
argue that society and the media companies should be looking for other
ways to 'protect' intellectual works that don't need complicated DRM

As for your particular problem with channel 4 TV, I can't get it to
work either because I use the Linux operating system rather than
Windows and I don't have Windows media player available. Assuming you
are using Windows you might make sure that your Windows Media Player
software is up-top-date and try downloading the Channel 4 software
again and make sure you follow all the install instructions. Other
than that I can't help much.

Good luck,


Jan 8, 2008, 12:43:09 AM1/8/08
to DRM, Copyright and Google
Before your accessing it again, you should confirm that your opreation
is legal.
and then try it again. if you receive the message again, PLS record it
and send the pic to us.

I think you should reinstall the DRM kit. it maybe helpful.
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